Doctor 'Akahige'

Do you know Eugene Aksenoff?

This is a photo of him.

If you don't know him and you want to know about him more, please read this.

He is a special doctor in Tokyo and he is called 'Akahige'.

I knew him when I read the book that the nurse of his hospital had written for the first time.

Although he is 84 years now, he is still working and helping people. I respect him. When he was 18 years, he met Japanese Royal family. Japanese royal family said that he must go to Japan if he wants to be a doctor. Then he decided to go to Japan and studied Medical in Japanese college.

According to the book, he had worked hard in Japan to get money. Now, there is his hospital in Roppongi.

If you go to Roppingi, you see foreigners in there. Foreigners who can't speak Japanese go to the doctor's hospital.

Because the doctor speaks Japanese and English , Russian etc.

On the other hand, He goes to anywhere if somebody need medical treatment.

Dr.Akesenoff got the win of Eiji Yoshikawa pride in 1998.

The doctor is so famous among foreigners.

He met a lot of famous people and he fixed them.

For example,

- John Wayne
- Brad Pitt
- Michael Jackson
- Jacques Chirac
- Madonna etc

John Wayne is the first famous person that the doctor met.

When he had came to Japan to make the movie, he hurt his eyes. He asked his manager to fix his eyes. Joh Wayne was in Odawara of Kanagawa pref.

Although Doctor was in Tokyo, he got on the train for 3 hours at midnight. Finally, he arrived the hotel where John Wayne stayed. Then he tried to shoot the injection. But John Wayne was afraid of injections!!!

Doctor said that you must not be better without injections. Then John Wayne gave up and his eyes were better. After that, he thanked the doctor. When he came to Tokyo, he invited the doctor's family and they enjoyed having dinner.

But the doctor doesn't know famous movies stars and singers at all.

He doesn't often watch TV or movies because he is too busy. He reads only some newspapers and books every day.

If you read the book, you must laugh!

For example, the doctor didn't know about Brad Pitt. The nurse told the doctor that he is famous in the world. Then the doctor asked him to his job!!!

Brad Pitt said that he is working about the movie. Of course , Brad Pitt was so surprised.

I like the chapter about Michel Jackson especially.

Of course, the doctor didn't know him. He had always called from the luxury hotel. The request was helping one singer. The doctor and his nurse went to there and they met one singer.

Yes. That is Michel Jackson.

While fixing Michel Jackson, the room was dark without any lights. The doctor tried to open the curtain. But Michel Jackson didn't want to do that.

Michel Jackson was so tired. He must take a rest.

Of course , then the nurse shouted in the elevator. But the doctor didn't know why she was excited at all and he was calm.

She told him that he is a star and showed the dance of Michel Jackson to the doctor. Yes, dance was Moonwalk!!!

Anyway, Michel Jackson often meet the doctor when he visited in Tokyo. The doctor fixes his children, too.

They are friends since the doctor had fixed for the first time.

I like his character because he keeps helping poor foreigners. Even if they can't money, he fixes them without money.

I think it is right that he is called 'Akahige'.

What do you think about him?


Live from Abbey Road

Well, I use the computer while working for a long time. So I sometimes feel dried eye and stiff in my shoulders...

By the way, I love Jamiroquai. When I was 18 years old, I had listened to their song for the first time. Then I love their songs and I go to their live when they come to Japan.

I don't often Japanese TV drama at all. Except Japanese TV drama "Furuhata ninzaburo".

At night of yesterday, I watched TV's ad "Clarion" of Jamiroquai on TV for the first time.

The music is "Feel So Good". I like this song.

By the way, I check out the website "Wikipedia" every day. Do you often check out?

It is so useful for not only private interests but also business.

Today, I felt the pain of my eyes. So I killed time. Please keep it secret!

Then I checked out the page of Jamiroquai. Then I found one thing!

Yes, Abbey Road!!!

According to this, Jamiroquai played music at Abbey Road Studio!!! How exciting! The title is "Live_from_Abbey_Road". I didn't know it at all.

I will try to watch it!

Elizabeth The golden age

You know, the season is rainy in Japan now. So since last week, it had been rainy days...

I think the rainy season will be over soon.

By the way,I watched the movie "Elizabeth: The Golden Age". Because the rain was heavy.

It was so interesting after reading the history of England. If I didn't know about the history, I couldn't understand at all.

Recently, I enjoy reading the books about the history of England. It is so fun for me. Because I went to UK and I could understand England more.

I try to check out the history after enjoy trips.

When I was a child, I didn't often study the history of Japan and others. But now, I like the history!!!

Do you like history?

By the way, do you know this website?

According to the website and TV shows, this year is an anniversary of UK and Japan. So many events are held in Tokyo and etc! (Arts, Music, etc)

On last sunday, I tried to reserve one event but the tickets were already sold out... I was really sorry...

If I have a time, I will try to go some events.


Charo episode13 - Pride

Bad weather is heading towards the city. Charo's on his way back to his nest. Around the corner, he almost bumps into Sirius.

Charo: Sirius!

Sirius: Shhh, you're ... Charo. Listen, you'd better go back and use other street.

Charo: What's wrong?

Sirius: A suspect is hiding out in that building. We're on a steakout now.

Just then, a hat comes dancing from nowhere, And old woman is looking for her missing hat on a sidewalk nearby.

Charo: This ... is hers. Why don't you take it to her? You're faster.

Sirius: I told you I can't move.

Charo: ... I understand. I'll go.

Charo tries, but the hat is too big for him. However... Charo is inside that hat, walking.

Old woman: Oh, you brought back my hat for me. How sweet of you! Thank you so much!

Charo: Arf!!!

At that moment, Chatherine and Sirius bursts into the building. The next day...

Rosa: Look! Sirius has done it again! He found a murder suspect. Wonderful, isn't it? (Cut to the back alley)

Charo: I met Sirius yesterday. There was an old lady, too. The wind blew off her hat. I asked Sirius to help. But he said he was working.

Margherita: I tought his work to help people.

Dread: Maybe he was in a tight spot.

Charo: I bought the hat... to the old woman.

Margherita: Good for you, Charo.

Charo: Why?

Margherita: What you did might not be beroic, but I'm sure you did a very good thing.

Charo: Thank you.

Without a word, Dread starts off to his nest.

Charo: I'd better go, too. Goodbye, Margherita.

(Charo catches up with Dread.)

Dread: Sirius did the right thing. Dogs have pride, too.

Charo: Pride?

Dread: Yes, if you're trying hard, you shold be proud of yourself.

Charo: I try hard... to get back to Shota.

Dread: I know. You should be proud of yourself, Charo.

Charo: Yes, Dread. What are you proud of?

Dread: What am I proud of? Hmm... I used to have something but...(laugh) maybe I dropped it somewhere.

Charo: (after a little thinking) Do you want me to to find it for you?

Dread: (Suddenly serious) Will you? Will you do that for me, Charo?

Charo knows they are talking about something important. He feels very close to Dread. On the other hand, Dread is thinking to himself.

Dread:(saying to himself) I'll try everything for you to return to Japan. I'll try everything!


New project & living alone

I wrote about my job and I have been busy. Yes, I was going to launch the new project. The planning and sales department want to release the new service on Aug. But the schedule is so hard...

I attended a few meeting about the new project. I really understood their requests. But the cost of the new project is so high. So we decided to release a few functions of the new service. Then other will be released after Aug.

I will find a new living place and take the summer vacations. But I don't know that I will be able to take vacations. Of course, I will try! Because I want to meet my parents and they want to meet me.

Recently, my mother misses me and she wants to live with me together. I really know her feeling. Because there is nobody to know her in Nagoya. My father goes to his office and enjoy chatting with others. She is lonely...

In the past, Japanese used to live with their family together. It was usual. But people get out their house and live in the city to get the jobs. So there are old people living alone or with their wife or husband. I heard that it is usual that people get out their home in US when they are 20 years. However, European is different. Many European live in their family together.

How is your country?


Japanese actor Masakazu Tamura

In the past, I wrote about Japanese actor Mr.Tamura. (If you doon't know about him, please read this.) So you may know him. Since a few week, his most popular TV "Furuhata Ninzaburou" drama had been broadcasted on TV. Of course, had I watched them!!!

This TV drama had finished. However, there are many fans of Furuhata in Japan and they hope that it will start again.

By the way, I had met him 10 years ago. When I'd arrived at the hotel "New ortani", he'd gotten out from the shop "Christian Dior"!!! Then I had been socked because he was so good looking and he was something!!! I had been excited!!! Then he got on the taxi. It was about only 10 mins!! But it is true that he is cool!!!

His father Tsumasaburo Bando was an actor too. And he was a hero in the past. So you may know him and watch his films. Anyway, please try to watch Mr.Tamura's movies or TV dramas if you have a chance.


Uk's top tea shop "Juri's The Olde Bakery Tea Shoppe"

I checked out the website of UK. Today, I read this article. The shop "Juri's The Olde Bakery Tea Shoppe" got the prize of "UK's top tea". The shop is in the Cotswolds and the owner is Japanese.

The owner's name is Mr.miyawaki. His family runs the shop.

If I have a chance, I'd like to go to there!

Do you want to go there?


Charo episode12 - Sirius

On a gloomy Monday morning, there's a crowd in from of John's shop. Margherita and Charo are there, too. A burglar has broken in and is barricding himslef inside.

Charo: Look, Margherita!

Margherita: The burglar!

In a split second, a black shadow jumps on the burglar. So quick that nobody understands what has happend. It's the super police dog Sirius.


Sirius: Arf!

The next day, Rosa's checking out the newspaper.

Rosa: Look! There's an article about yesterday's robbery. It says, "The wonder dog is to be given a medal from NYPD." Wow! Isn't this something?

Just then, a police officer and the Doberman enter the restaurant.

(Applause from the customers.)

Rosa: Hello, Chatherine! Congratulations!

Catherine: It wasn't me. It was Sirus.

Rosa: Hi, Sirius. How does it feel to be hero?

Sirius: Bow - wow!

Rosa: So sirius, shall I fix you something special? And extra reward?

Catherine: That's nice job but no thank you, Rosa. He was just doing his job. We don't want to spoil him.
Rosa: Oh, okay. It's tough to be a police dog, isn't it?

Charo comes in for his food.

Margherita: Charo, come on in. I'll introudece you to Sirius. Sirius, this is charo. He's from Japan.

Charo: Hello. My name is Charo. Nice to meet you.

Sirius: Hi, welcome to New York, Charo.

Margherita: I hear that you're going to receive a medal for yesterday's work.

Sirius: I was just doing my job.

Margherita: Well, then I wonder if you could help us, too. This Charo over her, he wants to return to Japan. What kind of advice could you give him?

Sirius looks at Charo, thinks for a while, and finally, in a calm voice...

Sirius: None.

Margherita: ... That's it? You can't think of anything?

Sirius: For a dog to get back to Japan, he would need the help of a human. Without that help, it's impossible.

Margherita: But there must be a way. I mean, you're with the plice, you're supposed to help us.

Sirius: A fact is a fact.

Margherita: Okay, okay, I shouldn't have asked you in the first place. Charo, let's go!

Margherita seems to be really upset.

Margherita: He's always like that, you know. Calm and logical. All he cares about is his work.

Charo: But he was right.

Margherita: He's always right, but...but... can't he show some heart, some warmth, some...

I mean, it wouldn't hurt to say "I'll try" or "I'll look into it" or...

Charo: Please don't be so angry.

Margherita: (sign) You are right, Charo. I souldn't be so angry. It's a waste of energy... I'm going shopping. See you later.

Charo: Yes, see you later, Margherita.

Meanwhile,Sirius sits patiently beside Cahtherine. He seems very proud and happy.


My favorite music & book

Hi, could you enjoy your weekend? I could enjoy my weekend. By the way, I want to talk about my favirte music and the book. - Perfume

- Soba_ni_Iru_ne by Teruma Aoyama

- Together by MONKEY MAJIK

goo 音楽
goo 音楽

I often listen their music at home. Of course, they are popular in Japan. Especially, I was so surprised because the members of "MONKEY MAJIK" are from Canada. But their Japanese is so great. If you listen to their song, you must think they are Japanese. When I listened to the song of them for the first time, I thought they were Japanese!! You can watch their lives on You tube. Please find it if you want to watch!

- The novels of Hideo Okuda

He is a famous writer. His works are popular now. The story is about the people suffering from troubles of their bodies. Then they went to the hospital of the main character Irabu doctor. If you read the books, you must be surprised because Irabu doctor is so eccentric and funny. Yes ,He looks like a child. But he helped people who suffering from troubles of the bodies. Then they could recover and solve their problems because of Irabu doctor. I think he is something! A few months ago, I knew him books for the first time. Then I really enjoyed his world.

Exactly, life always isn't perfect. Life is so difficult. But we must stand by ourselves and enjoy our lives. I don't like a sad story... After reading books, I feel strong and the books cheer me. I think it is enough that there are only a few people who understand me.

I found his English book. If you find it, please read it. I think you must think there is happiness around us and it is all right there we don't live all people. It is happy that there are only a few people who belive and understand us.

Now, I'm reading the English book "In the pool" in order to study English although I had read Japanese one.

Now, I have a friend who suffering from troubles. Then I told her about the novels of Okuda. After telling, she called me and she told me that she read the book. I think I will tell somebody who suffering from troubles.

Do you have any books like them?


Where's my new living place?

Hi, how are you? I am fine. Although I had been busy.

By the way, I want to change my living place. If I couldn't find my new living place, I have to renew a lease on Aug. So I will try to find the new apartment on July and prepare to be ready for my move soon.


I have some reasons...

- the rent

The rent is so expensive because I live in the place where is close to Shinjyuku Station. Of course, I can save the time to go to the office. But the company doesn't support the money of my apartment. In the past, old Japanese companies paid the money of the employee's living. But now, I think many companies stops paying the money to cost cut.

So I'd like to save money. If I lived in new apartment, I must get on the train for a few hours. But I don't mind. If I get on the train, I will just read the book or sleep. hahaha

- the noise

Because I live in the place where is close to the center of Tokyo, the noise is awful while midnight and weekend... Even the night... Young people gathered the convenience shop or supermarkets where are close to my apartment in the midnight and they shout!!! I can't believe it at all...

- the parks and natures

You know I love natures and parks. Unfortunately, there isn't a park around my apartment. So I sometimes get on the train for 30 mins and I enjoy feeling nature. If it is possible, I would like to live in the new apartment of Chofu station and enjoy natures.

You may read the article about Jindaiji. It is close to Chofu station. I like Chofu. So I may live in there.

Anyway, I have to find good apartments. I will see them after finish looking for them.



Do you have a cellphone of Apple "iPhone"? When it was started selling in US and other, I really wanted to buy it. Many Japanese too. And finally, Japanese cellphone company "Soft Bank" will start to sell iPhone on July in Japan. So many websites and news said that a few days ago.

I heard that the percentage of Japanese who like Apple's product is higher. So there were many Apple's users when the company "Apple" was in trouble...

Anyway, I am lucky because the company of my cellphone is SoftBank. So I will be able to change the new cellphone!!! The current cellphone was bought 5 years ago... So there are not new functions in my cellphone. Of course, I can listen to the music and take photos or videos.

But my father often watches TV by his cellphone. He may be crazy because he sometimes watches TV by his cellphone while he sitting on the sofa. Of course, there is a new TV in front sofa at his home....

By the way, the computer that I bought for the first time was Apple's one. It was LC630. Have you ever watched the photo of LC630?

It wasn't expensive. I think the price was about 180,000 yen. In the past, the products of Apple were so expensive. I heard that they paid at least 1000,000 yen in order to get Apple's computers 15 years ago. Not beat around the bush, they were too expensive...

Anyway, I hope I get iPhone in the summer!

Charo episode11 - The Dream woman

It's the day of a street fair. After wandring around for a while, Charo stops in front of a very small tent. It looks inviting.

Charo: Wow... How small!

Charo peeps in. As he looks around, somebody picks him up.

Charo: Arf!

Andorra: It's all right. There's no need to worry.

It's the woman he saw in his dream.

Charo: あのときの・・・

Andorra: I was waiting for you, Charo.

The woman lights her lamp and burns some purple flower petals. At the same time, a sweet smell surrounds Charo, making him sleepier and sleepier.

Andorra: Little turtles crawl in the sea blow.

Stars fall in the sky.

Float your way back home.

Float your way to love.

Run to the arms of the one you love.

Claim what you're always worty of...

In his dreamland, Charo wakes up to see the woman's face again.

Andorra: My name is Andorra. I know you.

Charo: How come you know?

Andorra: I'm the dream-traveler. I visited your dream. Do you want to see the boy Shota?

Charo: Yes...but...

Andorra brings her hand close to Charo's forehead. Somehow, Charo is able to see Shota.

Charo: Shota! It's me!

Andorra: Sh.... Be quiet and watch.

Shota: I'm looking for my dog. I don't understand... My dog, where?

Charo calls out to him but soom the vision disappears.

Andorra: I'm afraid that's it. You just saw a piece of Shota's dream. See? He's trying to find you. He's even looking for you in his dream. And you know, maybe I can help you... Why don't we see each other again? In your dream.

Saying so, Andorra strokes Charo on the head.

Charo: (Wakes up) What?

Andorra: We should call it a day now. I'll see you again, Charo.

Charo is still feeling dreamy as he walks to where Dread is waiting.

Dread: (licking ice cream) This is delicious... Hey, what's the matter?

Charo: ....

Dread: What's the matter?

Charo: I saw Shota...

Dread: What? You okay, kid? Charo: A woman... I knew her... She showed me Shota.

Dread: Uh...oh... This is serious... Maybe too much sun. All right, Why don't you sit her in the shade and rest?

Charo: Yes...

Dread goes on licking his ice cream. Charo still can't forget the vision of Shota. Shota is looking for him!

This makes Charo feel strong again.


The movie "Hot fuzz"

Finally, today is Friday... This week, I had been busy... Anyway, I have some movies that I'd like to watch now.
I checked the emailbox and read one email. It was about a movie "Hot Fuzz".
Do you know about it? And have you watched it?

I'll try to download the movie on this weekend!!!


Farmars markets of UK

Hi,how are you?

I am fine. But I am a little busy now. Yesterday, I made some documents of new projects.

Today, I have to attend the meeting...

Anyway, I want to talk about other thing!

I am reading the magazine of UK. It is about the Cotswolds!!!
And there are many interesting things of the Cotswolds in the magazine.

- Farmars market of Cheltenham

I had known about farmers markets before I went to UK. But I didn't go to there when I went to UK. Because I didn't had a lot of time.... I am sorry...

I found Cheltenham's farmers markets.

Do you want to go to there? Or have you ever gone to there? Mike told me that Uk's people prefer organic foods. Japanese too.

A few year ago, I ate only vegetables and rices. Because I was interested in Yoga. Last year, I did yoga for a year, I realized that the nature food is most important. We sometimes ate junk foods. But it isn't healthy.

So I will try to eat fresh and organic foods. Of course, sometimes, I eat fish and meat.(Sashime etc.)

- Plantation Cottage herbs

I love herbs. So I sometimes use herbs while cooking.

- Hayles Fruit Farm

- Lyne down cider

There is this store in Gloucester

Yes. This place is famous as the movie "Harry Potter".

Mike knows I love a cider of UK!!! So I'd like to drink this cider someday!!!

Do you want to go to there? Or have you ever gone to there?

If there are farmers markets in your country or you had gone to, please tell me!!!


Charo Episode 10 - True birthday

One day, Charo finds Candy crying. He runs up to Her.

Charo: (panting) Hi,Candy. It's me...Charo. Are you crying?

Candy: Leave me alone.

Charo: But why are you so sad?

Candy: It's ... my birthday today.

Charo: Birthday. Congratulations!

Candy: Congratulations? No, there's nothing to congratulate about my birthday. That's why nobody is celebrating.

Again, Candy starts to cry.

Candy: Last year, I had a goregeous birthday party. A big tall cake, lots of food, lots of presents... Everything was just perfect. But this year, Chris and his father are gone. Both of them have forgotten about me. What's going on?

Charo: Oh, I see.

Candy: I see? What can you see?

Charo: I'm sorry.

Candy: You'll know exaxtly how I feel when it's your birthday.

Charo: No... I won't.

Candy: What do you mean, "No"?

Charo: I ... I don't know when my birthday is.

Candy: What?

Charo: I was abondoned... so I don't know .

Candy: Then you don't celebrate...?

Charo: I don't think so.

Candy: ...Oh...

Candy seems a bit embarrassed.

Then , a car stops and Chris gets out.

Chris: Candy! There you are. I've been looking all over for you!

Candy: Arf,Arf! Chris!

Chirs: What's the matter? Come on, it's your birthday today. Let's go home and celebrate!

Candy: (in tears again) Arf!

Chris: I'm sorry to be late. We were looking for your present.

Candy is happy. She turns to Charo, who gives her a big smile.

Charo: You'd better go.

Candy: Yes... but...

Charo: Happy birthday, Candy!

Candy: Thanks! And about your birthday...

Instead of words, she just kisses Charo on the cheek, and runs towards Chiris.

That night...

Dread: My birthday?

Charo: Yes, Dread. Do you know your birthday?

Dread: What is it, all of a sudden?

Charo: Does everybody celebrate? Have you ever celebrated your birthday?

Dread: Cut it out.

Charo: But have you?

Dread: Yes, I have.

Dread: It doesn't really matter when your birthday is. You have a wonderful day to celebreate anyway.

Charo: What?

Dread: You remember the day you met Shota?

Charo: Yes. It was a snowy day. Sunday morning.

Dread: Then every snowy Sunday morning will be your birthday...

Charo: ...

Dread: What? Something wrong?

Charo: No... Thanks, Dread.

Dread: It's late. Get some sleep.

With this, Charo feels calm again. Before long, he falls into a sound a peaceful sleep.