Year-crossing noodle Toshikoshi soba

Do you like Japanese noodle soba?

I like Japanese noodle soba.

We often eat Toshikoshi soba New years eve's day. Please read this if you want to know more.

I prefer hot Japanese noodle soba as Toshikoshi soba. So I will eat it on 31th of Dec.


Year-end homecoming

Today, I cleaned my room and washed my clothes. Then I prepared to go to Nagoya.

I will go to Nagoya tomorrow in order to spend with my family while new year days.

I really look forward to meeting them. Of course I want to eat Japanese osechi too.hahaha. After going back to my home, I must gain some weights.


Traditional Japanese New Year foods 'Osechi'

At last night, I watched Japanese cooking TV program. It was about traditional Japanese New Year foods "Osechi".

Old Japanese women made Osechi by themselves. Making Osechi needs many times.

Recently, Some of Japanese buy Osechi at the shops. Then they eat Osechi at home.

My mother keeps making Osechi now.

I like these foods of Osechi.

- Prawn

- Black soybeans ( We call it "Kuro mame")

- Broiled fish paste ( we call it "Kamaboko")

- Japanese Pickles Recipe( We call it "namasu")

- Kurikinton

If I go to Nagoya's father's home on 28th Dec, I decided to make Osechi with my mother together in order to learn how to make Osechi.

LOST season3

For a few months, I had to release programs and I was a little busy. So I couldn't watch "LOST season3" yet.

Since last week, I have a lot of time to do. For a few days, I enjoyed reading books.

Of course I will read more books. But I will finally watch "LOST season3" tomorrow.

I want to know the next and the secret of LOST now!!!


The live of Queen

I like Queen. In the past, I often listened to their songs.

A few days ago, I watched the live of Queen and the documentary on TV.

It was very wonderful. I am sorry that Freddie Mercury was dead. He was very excellent. His voice and performance were very wonderful.

I have many songs of Queen. Now, I want to listen to their song again.


Moment to Remember - The Eraser in My Head

Do you watch korean movies?

I like Korean movies and dramas. So I often watch them.

Once I wrote about the movie "Moment to Remember".

I watch this movie many times. I think that this movie is very wonderful movie. After watching this movie, I am impressed with this movie and think about love. This is one of the movies I love.


The Big present

I took day off today because I felt bad.

Wonderful package and flowers were arrived at my home!!!

The flowers are very wonderful.

Lovely Toy!!!

The interesting book!

The Green and black's chocolate!

They and the letter are making me happy now because I can feel Mike's kindness.
Thank you so much!!!
We have to meet someday because we are friends! I hope you are fine and enjoy your life!!!


Taking medicines

Well,I don't feel good. So I have kept going to the hospital. Then I take medicines every day.

I still go to office although I was late for the office because I feel dizzy and heavey headaches in the morning.(Sometimes, I took days off.)

The doctor said that you have to take sick leave. So I will talk about it with my boss tomorrow.

I really think that human health is most important.


Yoga help us!

I read an interesting article on the net.

I really understand that yoga is good.

After I may quit my current job, I may go to abroad in order to get a Yoga Alliance of USA. If we learn about Yoga and doing Yoga at the studios for 1 month, we will be able to teach Yoga.

I found programs of Yoga of Japanese travel agency . There are some programs in some countries in order to get a Yoga Alliance.

For example, San Francisco, NY, Canada, Australia, Hawaii etc.

I don't hear about the program yet. Recently, I have to go and listen to about it.