About going abroad & trading

Hi,floks? How are you?

I am fine. But my PC doesn't work yet...

I need to go to the store to fix my pc???? It is hard to access internet. I can't see other friend's blog or websites.
I can't buy something on the net. I need internet!!!

By the way,
in this morning, I waked up at 7 am. But I couldn't sleep until 3 am. So I slept again. It was 7:40 am when I waked up again!!!

Oh, my god...

I thought I took a day off. But I left my apartment at once. Fortunately, I could arrived at my office until 9 am.
I am thinking about going abroad for 1 year and becoming a trader of my favorite food. So I have to quit my company before going abroad. Because I don't want to regret.
I may publicize on my blog that I will start trading one thing in the future.


Be careful while drinking coffee!

How are you? I am upset....


At the night of Friday,
I spilled coffee on the keyboard...
And my laptop doesn't work at all now...

I am writing this email in the net cafe...
I hope my laptop will work at soon.


My trip of England #6 wonderful present of my mother

I forgot to write about my best trip of UK! I want to say to thank for Mike because he reminded it of me!

After that,we took a rest and drank coffee in the hotel. we took a rest and drank coffee in the hotel.

The day was my mother's birthday. Before arriving at Uk, Mike taught me about UK and etc.

In addition, he booked the hotel while we were staying in London and he suggested that he presented the dinner as my mother's birthday.

Actually, that day was first time that we met although we had chatted in Skype many times.

Yes, it changed from Cyber world to real world. haha

Anyway, Mike is my best friend before we met in real world because he is so gentle and smart, kind. Of course, he is interesting!!! I could understand about UK and Uk's culture etc because of him.

To change the subject of meeting Mike, we promised to meet in the hotel where we were staying at 6 pm!!! Then the times came and we left our room and went to the lobby of our hotel.

Yes, we finally met Mike!!! I think I was so excited when we finally met.I can't express my joy of meeting Mike in English. haha. (I have to study English more.)

We talked with Mike in the hotel for about 30min and we went to Italian restaurant "demartino".

My mother can't speak English well. But we could eat delicious meals and enjoy talking with Mike for hours!!!! That day was final cup of rugby and the game of Uk vs south africa started. So people was enjoying seeing the game while having a dinner.

I ate these
-ceasar salad
-pappardelle with wild mushroom sauce

Of course, wine too.hahaha

The service and foods were so wonderful. I really would like to go to there again when I will visit in London. And the most important thing was Mike's kindness and hospitality for us. I would like to say thank Mike many times. My mother too. Because of him, my mother and I could have a best dinner in Uk on my mother's birthday. Mike, if you visit in Japan, I would like to go to the places where you would like to go and have a good time with you together! Of course, I want to enjoy eating Japanese food with you. At that time, I will invite you to the dinner. Because I thank you and you are my best friend.

So please try to eating fresh nattou when you will go to Japan. hahaha

Anyway, my mother & I don't forget this day. Of course, next day etc.

I will write about next days later.


Hyogo castle!!!

Hi,folks!!! How are you? I am fine. Tokyo is cold. So I don't want to leave my bed when I wake up at the early morning. haha By the way, I had gone to Hyogo prefecture of Japan to attend the wedding of my cousin. Hyogo is famous as the beautiful castle.

At this time, I used the highway bus of the night.


The reasons are here.

- I wanted to save money.
The fee of bus is about 8000yen.
It is a half price of express trains.

- I wanted to arrive at there while sleeping.
The express trains 'Shinkansen' don't work at the midnight. If I get on express trains to attend the wedding at 11 am , I had to get up at 5 am!!! Yes, I was afraid that I might not wake up at 4 am....

So I got on the bus at 11 pm and I arrived at Himeji city at 8 am of next day.
You may know that The movie 'The last samurai' was made in Hyogo castle. So foreigners come to see Hyogo castle.

I was born in Himeji city of Hyogo. Althought himeji city isn't bigger than Tokyo, there are many shops etc. So I played with friends in the departments & game shops when I was child.

I often had gone to see and play in Hyogo castle. Although I saw the castles of Japan(Osaka,Odawara etc), I think Hyogo castle is most beautiful and biggest. There are a big park and a zoo in Hyogo castle.

Of course, you can enter the castle. The rooms of castle are so wonderful. Hyogo is far from Tokyo. But I think if you have a chance, you have to see hyogo castle! You may feel the samurai's culture.