Simple food is best!

Well, I know that many foreigners don't like the smell of Nattou and they can't eat Nattou.

Indeed, some of Japanese can't eat Nattou because of the smell.

When I watched Japanese TV shows at TV, one Greek man said that he could eat Nattou with one thing.

What is that?

The answer is olive oil!!!

I was so surprised at all.

People tried to eat Nattou with Olive oil.
They said that nattou with Olive oil was so delicious!!!

According to the TV shows, Olive oil of Greek is so good and Greek is the top country to use Olive oil in the world.

One Greek man living in Japan eat Japanese noodle with olive oil!!!

He put olive oil into the noodle's sauce "Tsuyu" and he eats them.

He said that Japanese noodle "Soba" becomes Italian pasta.

I will try to do that soon because there are dried Japanese soba at my home.

My family likes olive oil for a long time and we use olive oil when we grill meats or vegetables etc.

And olive oil can be used as dressing oil of salad.
My father often uses olive oil for health and he eats breads with olive oil.

At last night, I made a summer vegetable's salad.
(Japanese eggplant,cucumber,Jew's mallow)
The reason that I use summer vegetables is summer vegetables make our bodies cold.

And the recipe was so simple.

- cut vegetables and boil them by hot water

- make dressing sauce(vineger,soy sauce,olive oil,pepper)

- put dressing sauce on boiled vegetables

When I am tired, I can eat healthy foods without many time.
Besides, I add cutting Tofu and tomato.

Sometimes, I use Ponzu and olive oil.

Although it is so easy, the taste is so good.

Some people think it isn't easy to make Japanese dishes.
But I think it is easy.
It is a fact that we don't eat luxury dishes every day.

For example, Sushi, Yakiniku, Sukiyaki etc.
We make simple Japanese dishes to eat.

In addition, many Japanese women work and so they can't cook luxury dishes every day.

If you don't believe that, please try to make Hiyayakko.
We often eat Hiyayakko in the summer.

If there are tofu and soy sauce at your home, you can eat Japanese dish "Hiyayakko" after cutting tofu and putting soy sauce on tofu.

Because I am writting about foods, I feel hungry.
After work, I will buy summer vegetables at supermarket and make simple salad with olive oil at home.


Foods are culture!!!

Hi, how are you?

I am fine. But I felt dull last week and I took a rest on the weekend.

I didn't feel like eating something.
I think I got tired because of the summer heat.
On last weekend, the temperature was 39 degrees.
I think that the summer of Japan was crazy....

Although I was the only person that the weather of Japan is strange, other people thought so like me.

When I watched the weather news on TV, the news said that heat will continue to Oct.
I can't believe.

By the way, do you know that Japanese eat eel's liver?

To tell the truth, I don't like Japanese eel's liver because the taste is bitter.

But I can eat other fish's liver.
It is popular to eat fish's organ in Japan.
For example, the organs of saury or cuttlefish.
The organs of cuttlefish "Shiokara" is popular.

Shiokara is my favorite food and I used to make Shiokara by myself.
It is so easy to make Shiokara.

If you buy fresh cuttlefish and you have salt and Japanese sake, you can make Shiokara.

Recipe is here.

- Wash cuttlefish and remove organ of cuttlefish

- Cut cuttlefish

- Mix organ and salt, Japanese sake

- Mix cutting cuttlefish into the sauce(organs,salt,sake)

We eat rice and shiokara.
If you find shiokara, please try eating!

I suffered from summer heat and I decided to eat eel at Japanese restaurant after work.

I may write about it after eating eel for the first time of this year.

One singer's visit

UK-Japan 2008 sends me e-mail newsletter and I enjoy reading it and check out the events of UK in Tokyo.

A few weeks ago, I got the email from UK-Japan.

The email was written about a event of one singer who would come to Japan.

Who do you think?

Leona Lewis!!!

Leona Lewis as famous singer of London visited to Tokyo.
UK-Japan goodwill ambassador swearing-in ceremonies of Reona Lewis were held in a British Embassy of Tokyo on Tuesday, July 22.
And about 100 such as a guest or a journalist attended.

If you want to know about it more, please check out this.

A few weeks ago, I got the ticket of her event.
Of course, I planed to go to there.
Unfortunately, I couldn't go to there because of my job...

I am really sorry not to meet her.


Forest of Fuchu city

In the midnight, I talked with my old friend and we promise to meet on next day.
My friend lives in Fuchu city.

A few months ago, I watched the TV program about Fuchu.
According to it, there is a big park and forest, museums etc.
So I told my friend about it because my friend didn't know about it at all.

Then we arrived at Fuchu station at 3 pm.
We left the station and went to the museum at frist.
Unfortunately, exhibitions weren't shown in the museum.
So we walked around the park while seeing trees.
There are people playing a guitar, catching bugs, reading books etc.

In addition, it was so cooler than cities of buildings because of lots of trees.

I always think that why the Tokyo metropolitan government builds only buildings in the public.
I want the Tokyo metropolitan government to build parks or grow trees.
If there are some trees in the cities of Tokyo, the heats of summer might be cooler.

Because in urban areas it is especially hot due to the heat island phenomenon. This phenomenon causes the temperatures in urban areas to rise far more than those in surrounding areas. Yes, my apartment and office too...

So why the Tokyo metropolian government and Japanese government try not to build many buildings?

I can't understand at all.

Anyway, I could see beautiful trees on last weekend.
After walking around the park, we went to back to the center of Fuchu.
I found one temple "Ookuni tama temple".

My friend told me about this temple and famous festivels.

The temple was built in 111 and designated as a nationally important cultural property.

After seeing the temple, we decided to have a dinner at Japanese restaurant "Izakaya".
You may know izakaya because I often wrote about it.

Then we entered one Japanese Izakaya and drank beer and eat delicious foods.
I could enjoy Chofu city!
If I move my living place, I might live in Chofu.

Japanese eel "Unagi"

Hot humid weather continues for the seventh consecutive day...

On weekend, I went to Chofu city and met my friend.
To go to the park of Chofu and a museum.

There are many trees in the park.
So the nature was fresh and it was so cool.
After we left the park, we went to the cafe to take a rest.

Japanese who suffering from the summer heat increase in the summer.
So some of people can't eat foods because of summer heat.

It is said eating some foods helps to beat the summer heat.

Tomorrow is called "Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi".
It means eating broiled eels in the summer.
Eel is one of foods helps to beat the summer hear.

Eels are caught in Kagoshima and Aichi, Miyazaki pref.

It is too difficult to clean eels for us.
So broiled eels are sold in the supermarket when it is Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi.

About 5 years ago, my family went to Eel's Japanese restaurant of Aichi pref. The name is "Hourai ken".
It is so famous in Japan and many famous people visit it to eat eels.
When we went to there, we had to wait for eating eels for 1 hours.

And the way of eating eels "Hitsu-mabushi" was so different.

At first, we ate broiled eel and rice as usual.
Second, we ate boiled eel and rice with green onion and wasabi.

We ate boiled eel with wasabi for the fist time.

Finally we poured the green tea in eel and rice.
Then we ate them with wasabi and seeweed "Nori".

They were so delicious and we were satisfied with Hitsu-mabushi.

If you find Japanese eel's restaurant, please try it.

Of course , you can eat broiled eels like Hitsu-mabushi at home after buying them.


My favorite magazines

You know I love traveling.

So I often read and see the guidebooks and photograph of travelling during travel to or from work.

A few years ago, I don't read Japanese magazines at all because they aren't interesting.
They show only fashion or ad...
As a result, Japanese magazines aren't sold among Japanese.
Some of them discontinued publication.

4 month ago, I found one magazine.

The magazine's title is "Mr partner".
The magazines are written about England.

According to the magazine's article, one woman had started to make a magazine's company when she was 28 years old.

When she was 18 years, she had been to UK for the fist time.
Then she loves UK and she often goes and stays in UK.

Then people who like UK or are interested in UK read the magazine "Mr partner".

If I had read the magazine before I went to UK, I might enjoy interesting places more.

Of course, I really enjoyed and I am satisfied.

While getting on the subways in the morning, I always read the magazine and enjoy imagining UK.

And the articles of the magazine are so nice.
They are greater than Japanese guide book of UK.

For example,

- Most wonderful and best B&B

- The Cotswolds and farmers markets in UK

- Gardens of UK

- Wonderful shopping lists

- Immigration towns

- museums of England

- Manor Houses

In addition, the other articles are interesting for me.
For example, the government systems and Immigration of UK are written in the magazines.

I think young and old people enjoy this magazine.

Now, I am reading the magazine about summer of UK.
The articles are so interesting.

If it is possible, I will go to UK again.


Shimoda of Shizuoka pref

Do you remember that I got the hotel vaucher for free?

At last night, I called the luxury hotel of Shimoda in order to reserve the room.

Because when I had met my friend and we had decided to go to there on September.
We are planing to go to there by the train and it takes about 3 hours to Tokyo station from Shimoda.

I asked about meals and courtesy car after reserving the room.
The hotel staff said that we will be able to eat 2 meals and get on the car from Shimoda station.
In addition, the dinner will be Japanese seafoods!!!
I especially love seafoods!
So I can't wait for staying in the hotel.

Today, I was checking out about websites of Shimoda.
Shimoda is famous as the place of Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan.

I could find interesting places of Shimoda.

You many know Shimoda is a locale of Japanese novel "The Dancing Girl of Izu" of Kawabata.

I want to go to these places.

- Gyokusen-ji Gyokusen-ji is a temple that was built in 1573. It had used as consulate general of US at end of Edo Period.

- Shimoda park

- Shimoda history museum

- Uehara buddhis art museum

you can see exhibitions on this page.

- Uehara museum of Modern art

There are pictures by Cezanne,Renoir,Picasso,Shinsui Itou etc.

- The Murayama Residence
- Perry road

You know, Perry opened the door of Japan to the world.
According to the website, there are cool shops and restaurants in there.

- Foot bath of Harris

Everybody can take a this foot bath for free!

I plan to arrive at Shimoda station at 11 am.
Before checking in the hotel 3 pm, I will be able to go to the some places!

Before I had been to Shimoda by the car. But I didn't go around Shimoda at that time. Only having a lunch.

So I will enjoy Shimoda for 2 days!


Southern All Stars

Do you know Japanese popular singers group "Southern All Stars"?
And do you know the song "Ellie My Love"?

You many know the song because Ray Charles sang the song.
The song "Ellie My Love" was made by Southern All Stars.

I love their songs and they are popular among young and old Japanese.
All their songs always hit a record high.

They had started to play music in 1975.
The leader of the group is "Keisuke Kuwata" since 1975.

However, they announced that they will come to a screeching halt since next year.
So We won't be able to listen songs and watch their concerts.

The new CD will be sold on 5th of Aug and I will buy it.

It may be their last work. I can't wait for selling their new CD.

Japanese fisherie issues

You may know I prefer seafood to meats.
I often buy seafoods in supermarkets.

And Japanese soul food "Sushi" is popular among foreigners.
It is true that we can eat Sushi even if we go to foreign countries.

I heard that resource of fishes are decreasing now.

Many people think many Japanese seafoods are caught in Japanese.
But it isn't true.
Japanese depend on other countries.
For example, Thailand, Canada ,Norway, Italy etc.

Almost seafoods that we eat are imported from them.
It is so hard to live primarily by fishing in Japan.
Fishery collapse is one of the biggest problems of Japan.
Young people don't want to live primarily by fishing or agricultural industry.

If you go to the supermarket in Japan, you may be surprised at seafoods that are imported.

According to the news, fishermen and fishing cooperative stopped fishing yesterday.

But the news said that supermarkets don't attack any damages because there are seafoods of other countries in Japanese supermarket.
It is a sad story for Japanese fishermen who live by fishing.


The hottest days

Since last weekend, the weather of Japan is too hot!
In Tokyo, the temperature was 38 degrees...

According to the news show, the temperature for 3 days hit a record high.
Some people suffered heat prostration.
As a result, they have been rushed to hospitals with heat stroke on the weekend.

I think that it said every summer.
Anyway, the fee of air conditioner in my apartment may be higher than last month.
Because I keep turn on the air conditioner all day long.

Indeed, I tried to sleep without the air conditioner.
But I couldn't sleep at all...

Because of global warming, current weather of Tokyo is different from past weather.
When I was a child, the summer wasn't hottest like now.

So I heard that tropical animals and plants are increasing in Japan.

If the temperature will be lower, I will stop keep turning on the air conditioner.

Do you feel global warming?

Charo episode16 - Hospital

It's nice, warm day. Charo is enjoying walk and see Candy.

Charo: Candy, where are you going?

Candy: Oh, Charo. To the hospital. Chris is going to have heart surgery pretty soon.

Charo: I didn't know that. You must be worried.

Candy: I can go up to Chris's room when Aunt Charotte is with me, but she is busy. So I always wait for him outside. Oh, Aunt Charotte is Chris's aunt. I'm staying with her while Chris is in the hospital.

The tone of her voice makes Charo a bit worried.

Charo: Candy?

Candy: What?

Charo: Are you all right?

Candy: What? Of course. I am all right.

But in fact, Candy is crying.

Charo: Don't cry.

Candy: I'm lonely. I know I shouldn't be complaining. But Aunt Charotte wants me to enter a dog show this weekend. And then, next week she's going to Chicago and I supposed to go with her. Everything is moving so quickly and I can barely keep up.

Charo: But you can see Chris today. You will be fine.

Candy: So, have you found a way back to Japan?

Charo: No, not yet, but look! I have this red star! "If you wear a red star, you can get back to Japan."

Candy remembers the story she made up and this almost makes her cry again. The two get to the backyard of the hospital.

Candy: Oh, there he is! Chris!

But Chris has just gone inside, being pushed back to his room.

Candy: Arf arf! Chris! I'm here! I came to see you! Come back! Arf arf!

Tow of the guards are approaching. Charo catches Candy by the tail and tugs.

Candy: Hey! What are you doing?

Charo: They're coming. Let's go!

Charo leads Candy out to the alley. Candy keeps crying all the day.

Charo: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry, but...

Candy: I know! We had to leave the way. But I just wanted to be with Chris. I just...

Finally she calms down.

Candy: Hey,Charo,would you come to the dog show with me this weekend?

Charo: Dog show?

Candy: I really don't want to go... but if a friend could join me, it wouldn't be that bad.

Charo: ... Yes.Sure, I can go with you.

The sound of the word "Friends" echoes is his heart. It leaves him warm inside for a very long time.


Aniversary of my best friend

Well, I will meet my friend after work and we will have a dinner.

You many know I lost my friend. Before, I wrote about him.

Since he was dead on November 11th, I remember him and have a little luxury dinner on 11th of every month.
To thank for him.

We'll have a dinner at Japanese food "Okonomiyaki" restaurant.

The restaurant is a place where we had a dinner with him last year.
Okonoimyaki is his favorite food.
He was born in Osaka pref.
You may know that Okonomiyaki is Osaka's soul food.

When he and I were finding a delicious Okonomiyaki last year, he found this restaurant.
Then we went to there and we enjoyed eating Okonomiyaki.

After I knew the death of him, I couldn't laugh at all.
Now, I can remember him without any tears.

I could learn and realize many thing from his death.
I will talk about him with my friend and I hope he keeps watching us from heaven.
I believe that he hopes that I enjoy my life and keep laughing.

Charo episode15 - Sally

Early in the morning, Charo and Dread are sound asleep.(a loud, clattering noise) Charo gets up and goes see what's happening. Right around the corner, a strange - looking bird is sitting on a mountain of empty cans.

Sally: Whoops! Did I wake you up? Sorry about that. I was just trying to get some food out of this...(pecking) can.

Dread comes out, too.

Dread: Noisy bird. Do that somewhere else. Get out here!

Sally: Hooey! Scary, scary!

Dread: Grumps!

Dread heads back to his nest but Charo is curious.

Charo: Hi, I'm Charo.

Sally: Me, Sally. How dee doo dee?

Charo: Where are you from?

Sally: Good question! I'm from everywhere. You know how I go everywhere? I fly. I fly around the world. Where're you from?

Charo: I'm from Japan.

Sally: Japan? Wow. That's far away, isn't it? It's a great place, thought.

Charo: You know Japan?

Sally: Of course I do! Who do you think I am?

Charo: Sounds good. Where in Japan?

Sally: Err... I went to ... more or less... the south of Japan!

Charo: Sounth?

Sally: Yeah, where there are lots of penguins!

Charo: Penguins? Really? I want to be like you. I want to fly to Japan.

Sally: That's easy! Just flap your wings. That's all you need to do go to Japan.

Charo: But I don't have any wings. I am a dog.

Sally: Hmm... now that's a problem. That means you can't go back.

Charo looks sad. Sally feels so sorry for him.

Sally: Oh, come on, don't be depressed... Hey, I'll tell you what. Go west!

Charo: West?

Sally: Yeah! Japan is to the west of America.

Charo: Okay.I'll go west. Thank you, Sally.

Sally: You are welcome. And if you have any questions about anything, just ask Sally.

Dread: Hey, didn't I tell you? Get out!

Sally: Oh...

Dread: What time does he think it is?

Charo: Are you leaving?

Sally: I'm not good around that type. Charo, remember, Japan is to the west.

Charo: Yes! Thank you, Sally.

Sally: See ya!

Without sally, the place suddenly becomes quiet.

Charo: West. I will head for the west.

Start the world of iPhone?

Finally, iPhone started be selling in Japan.

Since yesterday, news said about iPhone and people who try to buy iPhone.

They has been standing in line all night to get iPhone since at least 1 day.
I can't do it because I have to work and I can't sleep outside...

I think the price of iPhone isn't expensive.
Other cell phone's prices are more expensive in Japan.

However,iPhone's Calling of rate is high.
Users of iPhone have to pay about at least 8000 yen as a an monthly fee of cell phone.
What do you think about the price?

The cell phone's company of iPhone is Softbank.
It is same as mine.
But iPhone's price system is different.
I don't know the reason at all.

When I knew that Softbank would start to sell iPhone,
I thought I would like to buy iPhone.

Now, my monthly fee is about 5000 yen.
In addition, I can call my friends for free that their cell phone's companies are same.

I'd like to use iPhone if the monthly fee of iPhone is cheaper.


The movie 'Billy Elliot'

At last night, I couldn't sleep at all. I tried to sleep but I gave up.

Then I decided to watch movies and TV drama.

At first, I watched the movie 'Billy Elliot' of UK.

Before watching that, I had known that.
The reviews of that were nice.
However, I didn't have a chance to watch that.

The story was about a boy who lived in UK and wanted to become a dancer of ballet.
His father didn't allow him to go to the lesson at first.
So he tried to keep going to the lesson a secret.

His teacher told him that he should take an exam of Royal ballet and leave the town. But his family wasn't rich.
His father worked in the coal mine's company and his father kept striking of coal mine with co-workers.

One day, the father found his secret.
Yes, the father saw his son dancing with girls.

Father was angry but father tried to make money.

So they went to London in order to take an exam of Royal ballet in UK.

I know that all of story.
But I don't write about that.

While watching the movie, I was so impressed and the movie cheered me.

It is important for me that movies cheer me.

If you don't watch the movie 'Little dancer', please check it out!


The hotel voucher

You know, I love traveling. So I go to the trip at least once or twice a year.

While having a lunch at my office, I check out the website of traveling.

Sometime, I can find the campaigns about traveling.
For example, the air tickets for free, the tour of Europe etc.

When I find them, I submit applications of their websites.
Before, I had gotten the win of Korean's trips 2 times.
But I had been busy and I couldn't take holidays at that time.
So I had given up.

At last night, I checked out my post and I found one letter. It was a hotel voucher of Shimoda's luxury hotel.

When I saw that, I couldn't believe at all.
As soon as I saw it, I call the hotel and asked some questions.

The hotel voucher is available from September and I can use a hotel voucher while weekdays.

If I can use the hotel voucher,I don't need any money.
I can eat a luxury dinner and breakfast and enjoy hotsprings of the hotel for free.

The hotel's name is 'Kagetsu tei'. According to the website of the hotel, the hotel was rebuilt in 2007.
There are a hot bath, hot springs and restaurants in the hotel.

I read the website that people had stayed in the hotel.
Their reviews are so nice.

In addition, the meals are delicious.

I must go to the hotel as soon as it will become September.


The life without any computers

Well, some knows that my computer has been broken now.

So I have to live without my computer every day.
Why did I buy a new computer?

The reason is simple.

I don't have just money to buy a new computer.

Of course, it isn't convenient to live without computers.
Especially, on weekends...

I can use a computer while I am at my office or internet cafes.
Before, I used to go to internet cafes.
But I don't go to there at all because I have to pay money.
So I have to get many emails after weekends.

But my life will change soon.
Because my friend will give me her pc.

In addition, for free!!!

Her pc isn't new. But I don't mind at all.

Because I just access the internet and watch movies or listen to the music on the pc.

But I think it is a good experience for me to live without any computers.
I really understand that I depend on computers and internet.

I know that it is so useful to use computers.
However I sometimes feel it is so tried.
Because there are lots of informations.
I have to check out them and collect the right informations.

Could you put up with living without any computers?

Although I will keep putting up with living without them for a while.


Where will I go with my mother?

Well, I was busy because the new project launched.

However, the trouble happened on Mon and the schedule was canceled.
So I am free.hahaha

By the way, my parents have colds since last week.
While night, it is so hot in Japan. So my father kept putting on the air conditioner.
The next day, they have colds...

Because I am worrying about them, I call them every nights.

At last night, my mother said "Please get back to our home! I need your help.". I really understood her feeling.
If I get a job in their place, I will leave Tokyo at once. In the past, I tried to find jobs.
But I couldn't find any jobs.

There are jobs that I can't do in their place.
I hope Japanese internet companies try to build new offices in my parent's place.

Oh, I forgot an important thing.

I decided not to leave my living house this year.


My friend wants to live with me in order to save money like me.
So she can't leave her living place at once.

Anyway, I can use a little money.
So I will plan to travel with my mother.
My mother loves traveling.
Of course me too!

In deed, we had enjoyed traveling of UK!!!

After the trip of UK, she has been loving UK and Europe more.
Her dream is to go around Europe for months.
If it is possible, I want to go to their with her.
When I was talking with her about the next trip,
I said that I could go to Europe with my mother if my father paid money of me.

My father only laughed.
Yeah, that was right.
I said a joke.

It is unusual to take a long vacation in Japan. I am sorry.

When will it come in Japan that people takes a long long vacations?
And when will it be usual in Japan to take long vacations?
If it will comes true, I will go around Europe with my mother.
But now, I have to put up with a short vacation.

So I will find a cheap tour soon.


Charo episode14 - The red star

Charo and Candy are walking to Margherita's place.

Candy: So you came from Japan, right? When are you going back?

Charo: I... don't know.

Candy: Japan is very far, isn't it?

Charo: Yes. But I will get back.

Candy: Oh. (a bit sarcastically) Well... good luck. Beautiful red star.( thinking ) Um, Charo... did you know that... you can get back to where you want to ... if you keep wearing a red star?

Charo: ... Really? I can go back Japan?

Candy: Sure!

Charo: Then, I'll look for a red star.

Needless to say, red stars have nothing to do with going back to Japan. She just made up a story and was playing a joke on Charo.

Two arrive at Rosa's restaurant but Charo is already eager to leave.

Charo: Hello, Margherita. This is Candy.

Margherita: Oh, I remember you. Welcome.

Charo: Um... I need to go now. Excuse me.

Charo dashes away.

Margherita: What was that?

The next day Candy is visiting Margherita's place again. Dread also runs in. He seems upset.

Margherita: Hi, Dread! You look... terrible!!! Hey, have you met Charo's girlfriend Candy?

Dread: Girlfriend? Then, have you seen Charo?

Margherita: (to Dread) What's the matter?

Dread: Charo didn't come back last night.

Margherita:(gasp) No!!!

Just then, Charo shows up. He's limping.

Margherita: Charo!

Dread: Where have you been?

Charo: Dread...Margherita...

Margherita: Are you all right?

A red star is shining around Charo's neck.

Charo: I found it. See,Candy? The red star. You told me about it.

Candy: ... I did?

Charo: I can go back to Japan if I wear this.

Candy: Oh... that.

Candy seems very uncomfortable. Margherita realizes what is going on and cuts in...

Margherita: That's great, Charo! You keep it, and someday your dream will come true!

Charo: Yes!

Dread: Charo, you must be hungry. Here. Eat.

Margherita: Shhh. Don't tell him anything. Don't take his dream away from him now.

Candy: Yes...( in a small voice) I am sorry.

Charo keeps eating, with the red star shining proudly around his neck.


Fish and Oil

You know, one of the big problem is high-price of crude oil. Every day, the price of oil is higher. Japanese food self-sufficiency is so terrible.
Japanese food self-sufficiency ratio is 40 percent and we depend on many imported foods.

According to the news, Japanese many fishermen have a big problem. That is price of crude oil. Even if they go to the ocean by the boats to get fishes, they have to pay more money before last year. Recently, fishes are imported from Thailand, China etc in Japan. If I can't eat all of seafoods, I don't wonder if I put up with...

Oh, I want to eat fishes because I wrote about them.

Rains of weekend

Finally, this month is July. The summer is coming in Tokyo. But the rainy season isn't over.

A few weeks ago, it had been raining while the weekends...

By the way, I had a cold on last Friday because it had been too cold. I put on only T-shirt. Some of them put on jackets. If I got up early, I would get back home to put on a jacket.

Now, I am fine because I took a rest on last weekend.

I hope that it will be nice on this weekend!