Football game of England vs Japan

I made chicken's ham again at home yesterday.
Then I harvested some lettuce in my balcony in the morning.

I cooked a salad of ham.

Tonight, I will watch a football game of England vs Japan.
It will start at 9 pm.

I can't wait to watch it!!!


FIFA World cup of Africa

I watered plants and vegetables. Then I harvested lettuce.

This is lavender.
I enjoy aroma of lavender after watering it.

By the way, I will be able to watch games of FIFA world cup soon.

I remembered a previous FIFA world cup of German.
At that time, I thought I would like to watch games every day!

Finally , my dream will come true soon.

Do you remember these?

These are my treasure.
I will support my favorite team.
For example, Brazil, England, Spain, etc.


My trip of Spain #13 The Alhambra

I got on the bus after having a breakfast. Then I finally went to The Alhambra. It was so huge and it was inscribed as a World Heritage site. This is a town of "Albaicin". This place was inscribed as a World Heritage site , too. This is a room of the writer "Washington Irving". He wrote a book "Tales of the Alhambra". I had read it before the tip of Spain. So I could understand about The Alhambra well. Then I went to "Generalife". I wanted to visit it since I knew about it. I could see the mountain "The Sierra Nevada". It was a wonderful garden. If I go to there in spring, I will be able to see beautiful flowers. I found an interesting thing. This is a postbox!!! The postbox of The Alhambra look like arts!!!


Stewed sea bream's head

I ate my favorite Japanese dish again. This is a stewed sea bream's head "TAI NO KABUTONI". If you order it at high-class Japanese-style restaurants, you have to pay more money. But we can buy heads of se bream in fish markets. The prices are about 400 yen. So I often buy it and cook it at home. The carrots of my balcony are fine. Last year, I couldn't harvest lettuce at all. However, I can harvest them this year! So I am glad!!! I will plant seeds of lettuce again.


My trip of Spain #12 Granada

I got on the bus from Castile-La Mancha to Granada for about 3hours. Then I arrived at the hotel and I checked in the hotel. I took a rest for a few min. I left my room and I asked the map of Granada. I went to a center of Granada while watching a map. But I was lost. So I asked people and I finally arrived at ”Granada Cathedral”. Unfortunately, it was closed. I was so sorry. But the building of "Granada Cathedral" was so wonderful. By the way, it was so cold in Granada. Especially, night and morning. So I felt cold while walking around Granada. So I decided to have a dinner after watching it. I check some restaurants and I entered one restaurant. I ate Seafood paella and salad. I drank a bottle of Spanish wine while having a dinner. I could enjoy having Spanish dinner at the restaurant. I went back to the hotel because I have to get up early in the next morning.


Angry style

I like Italian food. Especially, I like hot spicy food! I cooked Italian dish "Arrabbiata" at home. I ate it. I didn't know about the mean of "Arrabbiata". All'arrabbiata means "angry style", named as such due to the heat of the peppers. After the lunch, I left my home and I enjoyed walking around the town. It is difficult to find plants and flowers in the center of Tokyo. However, we can find some nature around us. I like finding flowers while walking.


Japanese radish "Daikon"

I harvested some sprigs of rosemary. Then I cooked the dish "herb roasted chicken". It was so delicious!!! I enjoy growing vegetables and flowers in a balcony. This is a asparagus shoot. These are Japanese radish "Daikon". I am trying to new vegetables this year.


Spanish food "paella"

My holidays was over. I could have a great time with my family.

We went to Ishiki city of Aichi pref and we had a lunch "Sushi".
We bought fresh seafood after having lunch.

My mother cooked Spanish food.

This is a paella.

It was so delicious!!!

I will take holidays in this summer.
I would like to spend a time with my family.

I bough tomato's seedlings a few days ago.

I would like to harvest many tomatoes in this summer.
Other plants are fine.