Indian restauarnt ”Spice Heaven"

I like Indian food. However, I didn't eat Indian food recently.
So I went to My favorite Indian restaurant "Spice heaven" yesterday.

I ordered curry of vegetable and other.

Of course, I drank beer too!

The curry was so delicious!!!
I often eat curry in the summer to beat the summer heat.

According to the websites, spices are good to our health.

The service of this restaurant is so nice.
I will go to there again.

By the way, I found a delicious fried fish cake "Satsuma age".

This fish cake is made in Uwajima of Ehime prefecture.
It is called "Jakoten".

There are many fishing ports in Ehime.
So fishes of Ehime is so famous.
For example, sea bream and Japanese amberjack.
Especially, cultured sea breams are famous in Japan.
We often buy sea breams of Ehime in supermarkets.

I like oceans. So I want to go to Ehime someday.


Fish & chips and cutting

I went to Meiji shrine because the weather was so good. When I want to feel a nature, I sometimes go to there. I really felt a nature. Then I went to the pub in Tokyo and ate roast beef and fish & chips! Of course, I dipped it into the vineger!!! But I think fish and chips of UK is more delicious. Of course, I drank a cider!!! After eating fish and chips, I found a nice cafe. This is rosemary. About a month ago, I cut a split of rosemary in order to increase rosemary. I had planted a split. Then I kept watering every day. Finally, I found a root of it!!! I am so happy. I will try cutting splits of rosemary and lavender soon.


My trip of Spain #11 Puerto Lapice

I went to Puerto Lapice to have a lunch by the bus. This restaurant is so famous because Spanish writer "Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra" had stayed at this hotel in the past. I enjoyed walking around this small town after a lunch. I could see Olive's trees. These are olive's trees. I really think that Spanish Olives are most wonderful. I ate Olives and bread with Olive oil while staying in Spain. By the way, I found an interesting plant in front of the restaurant. Garlic????


The seeds of Feverfew

Yesterday, I cooked the fermented seafoods "Shiokara" at home. I added Japanese sake and salt.

My friend sent me seeds of vegetables and flowers.

For example,Rhubarb , Feverfew,Chives etc.

I really thank her! I will plant seeds on the weekend. I found sprouts of carrots and rocket. - Carrot - rocket


Japanese fermented seafoods "Shiokara"

It was so cold on Sat because it snowed in Tokyo. The price of spring's vegetables are more expensive...
For example, cabbage.

The price is double price in now.

Maybe, it is difficult to buy vegetables for a really reasonable price this year.

My vegetables in the balcony are fine.

I am so happy while watering to plants. These are lettuce.

- Turnip

- basil

I bought fresh squid in the supermarket.
Then I cut it and I ate sashimi of squid at home.
It was so delicious!

The green vegetables were parsely and garland chrysanthemum.
I had harvested them before cooking.

After dinner, I scooped out squid guts in order to make salted fish guts ”shiokara”.
I will eat salted fish guts of squid tonight!!!


My trip of Spain #10 La Mancha

I went to La Mancha in the bus from Madrid. At first, I arrived at the famous place of Man of La Mancha "Consuegra". There are beautiful Windmills in the top of hill. The landscape was so wonderful!!! I could see around this town of Consuegra. This is a cheese of La Mancha "queso manchego".

I ate this cheese!!! I would like to buy it in Japan!!!!


My trip of Spain #9 The museum of ham in Madrid

I went to the restaurant "museo de jamon" where is close to the center place "Puerta del Sol".

This restaurant is so famous as ham's shop and bar.So it is called "the museum of ham" in Spain.
When I entered this bar, many people enjoyed having a lunch! I ate ham or cheese in the bar. Of course, I drank some wine too!

Especially, hams and Spanish omelet ”tortilla española" were so delicious!!!


My trip of Spain #8 Puerta del Sol

I went to the center of Madrid "Puerta del Sol".

There are many shops or restaurants around this place.
Of course, many people wait for other or took a rest in this place.

By the way, I bought some Spanish foods during traveling in Spain.
For example, Olive oil, oil sardine, herbs.

Their prices are lower than Japanese one.
I would like to go to Spain in order to buy many Spainish foods.


My trip of Spain #7 Church

After watching pictures in the museum, I went to the church "San Jeronimo el Real".

I wanted to take photos. However, I gave up to take photos because I felt a serious atmosphere.There are rare exhibitions in the church. If I didn't know this church before going to Madrid, I couldn't find it. I was so satisfied!!! Then I went to the museum "Museo_del_Prado".This museum is close to the church. The museum has many famous Spanish pictures.

For example, La maja desnuda by Francisco de Goya,Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez.

I couldn't take photo in the museum. I was so enjoyed!!!

I like to watch classic buildings. When I walked around Madrid, I found a cute clock of dolls.

Many people enjoyed listening to music and watching it!



A few days ago, I found some sprouts of vegetables in my balcony!

These are sprout!
- turnip

- basil

- carrot

- rocket

This is a flower of Asupara na.


My trip of Spain #6 Large upright elephant

I found an interesting statue on the way to the museum "Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia".

This is an elephant statue!!!

By the way, I went to the museum "Museo del Prado".

This is a museum "Museo del Prado". It is close to the museum "Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia".

I watched famous pictures in there.

For example,

- Las Meninas

- The Surrender of Breda

Unfortunately, I couldn't take photos in the museum.

We are photography is prohibited in the museum.

So please look at links if you want to watch them.

Then I went to other place. On the way to the museum, I found the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid. I couldn't go to there at this time. If I go to Madrid again, I will go to there.