The TV drama "mameshiba"

How are you?

I am fine. But I am busy because of my work.
I don't write about my winter holidays with my family at all yet.

By the way, I watched one interesting TV drama at the last night.

The title is "Meme shiba".

The story is about one Japanese man and his name is Jirou.
He is 35 years old and he lives with his mother.
His character is so funny.
He doesn't work and he depends on his parents.
His hobbies are taking photos and the internet.
Yes, he is hikikomori.
(You many know that the number of Japanese who are hikikomori are increasing a few years ago.)

However, his father was dead one day because of the accident.
After his death, relatives were worried about Jirou.

Then his mother tried that his son would get out his room after his funeral.
But he got back to his home...

Then she thought again.

She gave his son a puppy.
Yes, she tried that a puppy takes his son outside.

The first episode finished.

While watching it, I laughed many times.
I like this TV drama.
So I will keep watching them for now.
According to the news, the movie of this drama will be made this year.
If you are interested in this drama, you will enjoy watching the movie.


Do you like Nabe?

How are you?

I didn't upload my blog at all.

I had a reasons.

The reason is to catch a cold and keep sleeping...
I took 5 days off...

You may know that Japanese workers don't take sick holidays from companies.

I used all my paid days off at this time.

Yes, my paid days off disappeared ...

Oh, my god....

I will try not to take a day off for now.
Because I would like to go to travel this year.
(Sorry, I must not be a good worker...)
Although I must make money.

By the way, I could have a good time with my family on vacations.

For example, eating Japanese food!

At this time, my mother didn't make osechi.

Because we didn't eat them of Osechi and my mother had to abandon them.

So we enjoyed eating Japanese food "Nabe" together.

In the winter, we often eat Nabe.
For example, Mizutaki, Sukiyaki, Oden, Shabu-shabu etc.

My family often eat Mizutaki and I like Mizutaki so much.
Of course, we ate Mizutaki at this time.

I think Mizutaki is a healthy Japanese dish.
The ingredients are these.
- Tofu
- meats of Chiken,slices of fish(Cod),
- vegetables(Chinese cabbage,green leaves,mushrooms)
We ate the other dish too as dinner on the next day.
The dish was Sukiyaki.

When I was a child, I often ate them with my family.
But my father doesn't want to be fat.
So we didn't eat Sukiyaki for a few years.

My mother made Sukiyaki and we ate them at once.

Yes, my weight must be increasing...

I need to exercise for now.