I picked some vegetalbles.(rockets, radish, basil,Perilla)

Then I made a salad.

After eating a salad, I planted seeds of rockets!

This is a saltwort! I have never eaten salworts. When I went to the gardening shop, I bought seeds of salwort on impulse.hahaha

Automun poem


-automun poem

-Garland chrysanthemum

I would like to see the flowers of Garland chrysanthemum.

New plants - basil

-Kidney bean of Thailand

-The flowers of rocket

-The rice's nursery

-Rockets and radishes


There are no space where I plant seeds of vegetables. However, I bought this basil when I went to the flower shop a few days ago. hahaha


The morning glory

-The morning glory

I was given morning glory seeds and I am growing them now. -Lettuce

-Rocket's flower

I decided to grow some vegetables until they flower . Finally, I could see a flower of rockets!

-Rocket's flower

-Rocket's flower


Cucumber and rice's nursery

-The cucumber


-The rice's nursery

When I went to the farm in order to help working as a volunteer, they gave me rice's nusery. So I planted them!!!

-Garland chrysanthemum


Bamboo shoots

-Bamboo shoots

I was given bamboo shoots. So I boiled them. They were so delicious! -cucumber



The sweet pepper

After going to the farm, I drank beer and ate chinese food.

I took photos around the farm. There were many plants in there. I could refresh my self!!!

- The autumn poem

- Saltwort

- The sweet pepper