what is most important of your life?

Now, it is 1 am. The day that I can't sleep are continued. I can't recover from his death. I know that I need the time to accept his death. He was one of the best friends for me. For example, when I had the thing that I worried about , I called him whether it was midnight. Whether he slept or he was working, he heard about my talk when I called him. On monday, I went to the mental hospital with other friend because she told me that my condition was not good. It is so important to spend the time with him for me. To tell the truth, I didn't slept at all and I couldn't breathe at night alone from the day I had heard about his death. While I stay with other, I can be calm. But I can't stop crying when I am alone or spend the time in the parks. I just know that we have to try to spending the time without any regrets. I wonder whether he was satisfied with his life because his live was only work... I believe that he will watch us in the heaven. Everyone, please try to spend the time without any regret and think about your life again. what is most important of your life?


I want to meet my friend again.

I am shedding tears now. Why do the humans have to be died ? I know my question is stupid. Today, I got a call from my friend's brother. He said that my friend was died on 11th of this month in the company. I knew that he was busy for a long time. We sometimes talked by the phone. The last email from him is 3days before he was died. I am sorry because I wrote sad thing. But he was an important friend for me. He was so kind & interesting. Everyone loves him. After hearing his death, I can't believe at all. I can't forget his talking,smile,joke etc. I know that it is impossible. But I want to meet him again.


Eating!Eating Japanese food!!!

Hi,How are you? I am fine. I don't write about my trip of UK. I am sorry because I had a great time. So I want to write about a lot of my trips.

By the way, I am eating Japanese food "Sushi" & "Sashimi" now.hahaha. I am really Japanese. My favorite fishes are tuna,salmons,prawn,bonito. I bought these food.

-sushi(the price is 650 yen)

-sashimie of salmon(the price is 550 yen per 2 pack)

- Brevoort(the price is 98 yen!!! of course, I love brevoorts!)

In Japan, this season is called autumn eating because the mushroom "Matsutake" and Brevoorts are sold and we can eat them in only the autumn. I like raw brevoorts and grilled brevoorts. Do you want to eat them?


My trip of England #5

When we arrived at UK, 2 days passed. We had a traditional english breakfast at 7 am. Of course, I ate too much.

The menu is

- scrambled & fried eggs
- grilled back bacon
- Cumberland sausages
- Pork and leek sausages
- Hash browns
- Baked beans
- Grilled and plum tomatoes
- Pan fried mashrooms
In addition, we can eat breads,cereals,yoghurts etc.
Then we went out the hotel because my mother wanted to go to the temple church etc. She had watched the movie "The Da Vinci Code" in Japan and she hoped that she would visit the places that were shown in the movies. Before leaving Japan, she had asked me to look for the church "Notre dane de france" of informations. Although I had looked for them, there are only 2 or 3 websites. According to them, there is the church "NOTRE DAME DE FRANCE" around Leicester Square station. We asked some people. But nobody knew it. After looking for the church for about 1hour, we finally gave up. Then we took a rest in the park "Leicester Square Garden" that there are statues of William Shakespeare and Charlie Chaplin in the park.

To tell the truth, I have never watched the movie of Charlie Chaplin. I have to watch his works....
After taking a rest, we got on tube in order to enter into Temple church. Before my trip, I had checked the website of it. Because Temple church isn't allways opened. We arrrived at Temple church at about 10 am. Because the opening time was 11 am, we decided to wait for the time while sitting down in the bench and we enjoyed the beautiful landscape until 11 am.

When it was 11 am, we went to Temple church. Although I didn't watch the movie "The Da Vinci Code", I could enjoy seeing inner temple.If you want to enter the church, you must check the website.

Then we got on tube and arrived at Victoria&Albert museum.
This museum was one of the museums where I would go to see. Victoria&Albert museum is close to South Kensington station.

There are so luxury exhibits in there. I was very impressed and I love Victoria&Albert museum at once! I especially like the exhibits of British Galleries. When I will go to England, I would like to go to there again! We enjoyed seeing excellent exhibits for about 3 hours.
Because we were a little tired, we took a rest and ate snacks in the park of Victoria&Albert museum.
After leaving Victoria&Albert museum, we decided to go to the famous department "Harrods" and got on the bus. There are many people in there. Of course, I bought one thing because it was my mother's birthday. At first, I looked for nice things. But they were so expensive!!!! hahaha. So I bought the box of "Harrods" and I gave her it.hahaha. Accidentally, the songs of Jamiroquai were spun in there. My mother bought some candy boxes and we saw all of the floor of "Harrods". It is true that "Harrods" is so luxury. But I will just enjoy looking in there because we can buy things in the Duty Free cheaply.fufu

Then we went out there in order to go back the hotel.
Anyway, my mother was satisfied with today because she could see the places concerned with the movie. She would be more satisfied with tonight because of one reason! I will write about it later.

My trip of England #4 going to the museums

After going to the British Museum, we went to 2 museums. At first, we went to the museums of Chinese ceramic works . It was close to the British Museum. My mother wanted to go to there. So we went to there. There are chinese beautiful ceremic works in there. Although it is a small museum, it is interesting for us.

On the way to the British Library, I found the park "Gordon Square Garden".

According to the information of this park, Virginia Woolf spent a time in this garden.

The roses of pink were so cute!

The park is so nice. I am sorry that there aren't a lot of parks in Tokyo. I like nature. So I envy people of England. One man was reading a book and some persons were taking a rest. The flowers of this garden were beautiful. If I come to England in spring, I will think I would not go back to Tokyo.

We sat down on the bench and felt the nature for a while.

Then we went to the British Library. It is close to Euston station. On the way the British Library, I saw men who drank beer on the pub!!! If I don't go to anywhere, I must drink beer on the pub like them.

After 10 mins, we arrived at the British Library.

I like books and music. Mike taught me that there are lyrics of Beatles in the British Library. So I really wanted to go to there. After checking my bag, we went to the exhibit. There are many interesing exhibits in there.

For example,
- The handwritten manuscript of "Mrs.Dalloway" of Virginia Wolf
- The first book of Shakespeare
(Someday, I'd like to go and see Shakespeare's house of Stratford-upon-Avon. - The handwritten manuscript of "the tle of the pice & banboo"
- The book of Japanese kimono
- The note of Leonardo da vinchi
- The handwitten score of Mozart etc
Of course, there are lyrics of Beatles and music in there.
I was impressed!!! If you like books, you must visit this library! You will be able to enjoy! Then we went back to the hotel. After taking a rest, we ate Japanese instant noodle "soba" as dinner. Yes, we saved money.hahaha


Going to shinjyuku & eating Yakitori

At tonight, I had to go to Shinjyuku because I would have a dinner with frineds. Although the time of the dinner was 7pm, I went to Shinjyuku at 5 pm. There were a lot of people in there. Always...

Anyway, I went to the shoues store and I bought a new sneakers of adidas. I like adidas. So I have only sneakers of adidas. This is my new sneakers.

After that, I took photos in Shinjyuku.

When I walked around the store of Gap, I found the christmas tree!!!

There is a temple "Hanazono jinjya" in Shinjyuku. The festival will be hold in this month. If I have a chance, I will try to go there. The ad is Japanese picture.funny.
This is Japanese food of Yakiniku and this restaurant "Jyojyoen" is so famous because the foods are so delicious. The price is a little expensive. But I like this restaurant.
Then I went to one cafe. I love this cafe because the atmosphere is so good. I can refresh & read the book for hours. There are many books and plans in this cafe. So I sometimes go to there. After drinking coffee & reading the book for 1 hour, I get out the cafe and I went to the Japanese restaurant ”Toridori” to meet friends. We ate Yakitori. Of course, driking beer too. The price was not expensive.

My trip of England #3 going to the museums

After the tour of the travel agency, we went to the Trafalgar Square because The National Gallery is close to Picadelly circus.
After walking for 10 min, we arrived at Trafalger Square.

When we arrived at there, there were a lot of people. So I asked one women. She taught me that the world cup of the rugby is hold now. And the statue of French player was down.

Then we got into the Nationall Gallary.

Before coming to UK, I had checked the pictures of this gallary.

There are famous & excellent pictures in there.

We could seeing the pictures of Leonardo da Vinci,Raphael,Vincent van Gogh,Johannes Vermeer ,Claude Monet etc.

After 2 hours, we left the National Gallary and took a rest in Trafalgar square while eating snacks. Then we went to the British Museum. Wow. So huge!!! There are a lot of exhibits in there. So I am sorry that I can't see all of them.

Anyway, I had a great time. Then we tried to the other museum. I will write about it.


Nattou's furikake

Before, I love Japanese food "Nattou". Today, I ate rice with "furikake" of Nattou. It is so good. By the way, I wrote about my trip. But I don't write all of my trip. I will try upload the article of my trip! If you read it, look at this. See you!