Summer vacation

This summer is so hot. By the way, I often harvest tomatoes.

Next month, I'll go to my parent's home to spend a time with my family during summer vacation.
I'll take frozen tomatoes to my father because my father likes tomatoes. I hope he'll like them.

After summer vacation, I have to prepare autumn's vegetables.

- rocket

I often harvest leaves of rocket.

These are tomatoes.

When I can't eat tomatoes, I freeze them.
My friend told me this way.


Basil and extreme heat

I harvested tomatoes again.

I ate dried fish "Himono" as dinner.

It is so popular to eat dried fish with grated Daikon "daikon oroshi".

Of course, I like grated Daikon.
So I often eat fish and meats with grated Daikon.

By the way, it is the hottest summer in 2 years according to news.

Yesterday, tokyo was so hot. News said that some people died of heatstroke during the heat wave.

I like summer. However, I hope autumn will come soon.
I kept to run the air conditioner while sleeping because it was so hot in the night...

Of course, I will do run the air conditioner tonight.

This is basil.

I will harvest them soon.


Japanese bean "Edamame"

Todady, I harvested 3 tomatoes and lettuce.

I ate a salad of lettuce and boiled chicken.

This morning, I found this.

This is green soybeanEdamame. It is so cute! When I found it, I laugh.
In Japan, it is popular to eat boiled green soybeans "Edamame" while drinking beer in the summer.


The harvest festival of grape tomato

I planted tomatoes in my balcony in May. They are so bigger.

In my balcony , there are 4 seedling of tomatoes. I hope I'll harvest many tomatoes this summer. I hervested tomatoes.

I am so happy because I like tomatoes!!!

So I made a pizza of tomato and basil.

This is a plants of lettuce. I often harvest lettuce in the morning.

Today, I harvested radishes.

It is so hard to water all of plans 2 times a day for me. Sometimes, I would like to stay at home because the temparature is so hight. But is is so fun to grow plants. So I'll keep to grown plants in my balcony.


Japanese cold noodle "Somen"

It is a boiling hot day in Japan. I have to water all of plants. A few days ago, I harvested lettuce. Then I ate summer roll of lettuce.

I ate Japanese cold noodle "Soumen" because it was so hot!!!

We often eat Japanese cold noodle "Somen" in the summer.I think there's nothing like Japanese vermicelli during the summer.


Madagascar Periwinkle

You know I like to go to garden centers.
I often go to there in the weekends.

In the last weekend, I went to there.
Then I bought summer flowers.

- Catharanthus


I enjoyed gardening every weekend.

I harvested radish and lettuce. Of course, I planted seeds of radish.

In the night, I cooked the dinner.

This dish is Japanese food "Yakitori".

Especially,I like chicken gizzard.
It is called "Sunagimo" in Japan.

I will try to make Yakitori at home.