I love the spring. Today, I went to Hibiya park where is close to my office.

There were many people when I arrived at there.
Some people eat lunch while sitting on benches and other watched flowers of the park.

If you like flowers, you will be able to watch beautiful flowers in Hibiya park.

By the way, do you know dandelions?

And have you ever ate them?

In Japan, it is popular to eat dandelions.
For example, tenpura and boiled dandelions.

When I were in Hibiya park, I found many dandelions and I picked them in Hibiya park!

I will boiled them and eat them while drinking beer.
If you find them, please try!


Garland chrysanthemum

These photos are my garland chrysanthemum. I planted seeds of Grand chrysanthemum about 14 days ago.
Each seed sprouts two seed-bearing leaf.

Have you ever watched the flower of Garland chrysanthemum I want to watch them.


My new plants

These are my new plants. I will write about them later.
- rocket salad

- radish

- rocket salad