Goint to the job placement office.

Today,I went to the job placement office to extend an unemployment allowance. Then,I went to the Book store and bought the books. The Books I bought were 'Blood & a bond' that written by Korean.

Come back to Tokyo!

I decided to come back to Tokyo! I want to work as a web engineer. But There is no job in Nagoya. So I'll work as the temporary staff. I'll meet the temporary agency.


distilled spirit

I like distilled spirits. I recomend " tantakatan -鍛高譚-". しそ焼酎 鍛高譚(たんたかたん) It is very delicious!


My favorite sweets!!

My favorite sweets!! Soy cookies plain flavor x3packs、sesami flavor x3packs、green tea flavor x3packs 5,565円 soy cokkies green powdered tea's sweet gift BOX【include shipping】 4,935en green powdered tea's sweets gift BOX【include shipping】 agar1Kg【free shipping】 4,000en agar 1Kg【free shipping】