The flowers and vegetables of the balcony

I like the spring because I can see many plants and refresh my feeling. It's time to enjoy the gardening in Japan. Now, Japanese has been damaged because of the earthquake and other. But I believe many people can stand up as watching flowers and plans. The nature is so huge and big. I really thank the nature.

I'll plant seeds on the weekends.

These are plants of Potato.

I wish I'll harvested them a few months later.

I harvest some turnips. I am so glad because I like turnips.

Today, I went to the garden center. There are many plants in there. I bought these flowers.

- Alyssum

- Primula

Although we watch terrible news, I am happy. Because I can see wonderful flowers in the balcony. I'll plant seeds flowers.


The paradise

I am keeping to watch the news and websites of Japanese earthquake. But I am feeling sad. Some people stopped to enjoy lives. I don't know it is true. Because many people died because of this earthquake. We thank our lives and we think about our lives and living. I went to the garden. The garden is my paradise for me.

I thank natures and I really love flowers.


The spirit of mutual aid

A few mins ago, we happened the earthquake again... I felt scared ... I thanked my best friend of UK because the mail of the friend cheered us. I know we need time to recover the ex. But we'll believe that we can do it as we help each other.

Cod fish and The King’s Speech

I made the fish dish.

By the way I love to watch films. So I wanted to know which movies gone to Academy award. I was so glad after reading news of the movie "The King's Speech". I like the actor "Colin Firth". He played the main character of the movie. So I'd like to watch it if it is possible.


The sprout of Carrot and Japanese amberjack

I like fish. I ate the fish of winter "Japanese amberjack".

It is called "Buri" in Japan.

According to the news, Plenty of Japanese amberjack has been caught this year. So we can buy them at a really low price. I am so happy.

These are turnips.

I like turnips. So I had planted seeds.

And these are sprouts of carrots.

I couldn't harvest turnips and carrots because of the move. So I hope I'll harvest them at this time.

The nuclear accident

I am watching the news on TV and website since Friday. I can't believe this real. The damage is so hard and terrible... We must help Japanese who happened this earthquate and are bombed. Yesterday, I supported with a donation of my money. I went to the super markets. But there weren't any bread and noodle... Empty... I can harvest vegetables of the balcony. But many Japanese can't buy foods in super markets.... In addition, we have to save the electricity because of the nuclear accident... I wish we can spend the time like before.


Japanaese noodle "soba" of Tempura

I harvested the vegetables.

I like Soba. I often it.

After harvesting vegetables, I made Japanese noodle "Soba" and Tempura of vegetables "Kakiage".


Kakiage is a type of tempura made with mixed vegetable strips, such as onion, carrot, and burdock, and sometimes including shrimp, which are deep fried as small round fritters.


Big earthquake

Today, I was so scared... Because there was long earthquakes... I could go back to my home. However, there are many people died in Japan. The earthquakes are coming many times. I watched the news about it. It was so terrible... I want earthquakes not to come again.


Feeling the spring

Although it is cold, the plants are feeling the spring.

I could see flowers of Asuparana this year.

I harvested vegetables of the balcony and I made this.


Japanese food "nattou"

You know I like Japanese food "nattou".

I often eat it. For example, rice with the nattou.

But at this time, I ate the bread with nattou.

It was delicious. I'll make it again. The recipe was so easy. So it is good as the breakfast.

I made the omlet with vegetables that I harvested in the balcony.

I'll plant seeds of radish again.


My breakfast

I often eat bread as the breakfast. But today, I ate Japanese rice. Yes. Rice ball. We call it "Onigiri".

Then I made Japanese soup "miso soup".

After the breakfast, I went to the balcony and I harvested vegetables. I heard vegetables which are harvested in the morning is most delicious. So I try to harvest vegetables in the morning.

You know that I don't buy vegetables because there are vegetables in the balcony. But it is fun to plant them and watch them every day. So I'll plant them again.