The spring

I am feeling the spring.
When I water the plants of my balcony, I find some sprouts every morning.

They are so cute!!!

Today, I enjoyed the cherry blossoms. They were so beautiful.

I like the spring because I can enjoy watching beautiful flowers.


The vegetables of this spring

The spring comes in Japan.

I have many tasks as soon as it comes.
For example, I go to the garden shops to buy seeds of plants.

I often go to there to check plants and flowers.

A few days ago, I bought some seeds of vegetables.
I hope I will harvest them a few month later.


Stanley Ka Dabba

Yesterday, I ate Indian food.

The dish was Butter chiken curry.


Recently, I can harvest some vegetables of my balcony.At this time, I harvested parsley and fennel. Then I put them on the curry.

It was so delicious.
I often had gone to Indian restaurants with them.The foods of restaurants were wonderful because they understand the real taste of Indian food and real Indian restaurants.

By the way, I watched one movie.

The title is Stanley Ka Dabba.


Stanley (Partho Gupte) is a fourth grader at Holy Family school in Mumbai and is very popular among his friends. He is talented and well liked by his peers. The English teacher, Ms. Rosy, (Divya Dutta) is particularly impressed with his creativity, wit, and humor. Stanley is shown with a bruised face in the opening scene of the movie. On being questioned about it by Ms. Rosy, he concocts an elaborate story, much to her amusement. His humorous essays and offhand poem recitations make him her favorite in class. However his imagination is not always rewarded (his science teacher (Divya Jagdale) rebukes his attempt at constructing a light house as part of the class project since it does not adhere to the topics covered in class).
The story is about one boy who can't bring the lunchbox at the school because of one reason.

His friends are so kind and they shared their lunchbox to him.

The movie was so impressed.
Children are so cute and their performances were good.

I think we want to watch this movie again after watching it.






みんなを笑 わせているクラスの人気者スタンリー。彼は家庭の事情でお弁当を持ってくることができない。昼食の時間はいつも一人ぼっち。水道の水を飲んで空腹を我慢し ている。そんな彼を助けようと、クラスの友達はみんなのお弁当を少しずつ分けてあげるが、食い意地の張った先生に見つかり、取り上げられてしまう。「ネズ ミめ、お弁当を持ってこれない奴は学校に来る資格はない」その言葉に深く傷ついたスタンリーは、次の日から学校に来なくなってしまった・・・。

本 作は、1年半に渡って演技経験のない子供たちを毎週土曜日に学校に集め、映画のワークショップとして製作された作品であり、子供たちは最後まで映画撮影と 知らず、また子供たちにカメラの存在を気付かれないようにすることで自然な表情を引き出している。








The french dinner in the hotell 'mtfuji-hotel'

I traveled around Mt.Fuji with my parent from 11th of March.
We had a dinner at French restaurant in the hotell 'mtfuji-hotel'

We enjoyed delicious dishes.

We ate these.


The hotel 'Kyukamura Fuji'

A month ago, my father had booked the hotel 'Kyukamura Fuji'. On 11th of March, we arrived at there. It took about 4 hours from our home by the car.

The hotel is so close to the lake of Yamanaka lake.
We can enjoy to take to hot springs in the hotel. I took a bath for 3 times while staying in the hotel.

We drank a cup of coffee after checking in the hotel. There are some restaurants in the hotel.
So we can eat Japanese and other foods in the hotel.
Of course, we can buy Shizuoka's goods at the shop of hotel.

We decided to have a dinner after taking a bath.
At 6 pm, we had gone to the restaurant and had a dinner.

We ate these.

The first day - Mt.fuji of miho matsubara and fall

Our trip was started on March 11th. We had left the house at 9:30 am.
The first place was Miho no matsubara.

 After enjoying the nice view, we had a lunch in Japanese restaurant of Shimizu port.
We ate these.

It was so delicious. The restaurant is Miyamoto of Shimizu port. It is so famous.
We could watched the sign of Japanese famous people who had visited.

After the lunch, we got on the car and we went to the fall. This fall is Shiratori no taki.

 Can you see the rainbow of the fall?


We left the fall to check in the hotel. We could arrived at the hotel at 3 pm.
The hotel is a nice place where because it is close to mt.fuji.
There is a lake Tanuki lake in front of the hotel.

These areJapanese hina dolls.

Then we went to Japanese hot spring of the hotel. 
We really enjoyed it.We took a break until the dinner. My parent watched Japanese wrestling Sumo on the television. I checked the information by the cellphone.
At 6 pm, we went to the restaurant of the hotel.
I will write about it later.


Shopping and reading a book

I decided to start to study English because I graduated the school of web office work on Friday.
So I started to write a diary in English on my English blog.
Yesterday, I went to the shopping mall with my mother and I bought a clothe and shoes for a work. After shopping, my mother said to me that we would have a lunch in Italian restaurant. We went to there and could enjoy eating Italian foods.
We ate salads and pasta. There were so delicious.

We got on the bus to the library after the lunch and we walked to our house. from the library with my mother.
It took about 40 mins.
As soon as I arrived at my home, I lay down on the sofa because I was so tired and felt my both feet.
I have to take a rest.

By the way, I am reading this book. I borrowed it in the library. I will keep to read it and listen to a CD.


Hina festival

Do you know the festival "Hina-matsuri"?

It is a festival of little girls in Japan.
We display Japanese dolls and eat Hina's food on March 3.

I am not a little girl. So I don't display dolls.
However, my mother bought some festival's food for me.

I was so glad because I like Japanese food "Sashimi".
I ate these.

It was so delicious. I like Salmon, tuna, yellowtail. I can eat sashimi every day!!!
Yes, I prefer fishes  to meats.

In addition, she bought some sweets and presented them for me.
After eating sashimi, I ate sweets. I was so satisfied.

I could enjoy the festival "Hina-matsuri" although I'm not a little girl.