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Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Lyrics
Artist(Band):John Lennon
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(Happy Christmas, Kyoko
Happy Christmas, Julian)

So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
A new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Christmas (War is Over, if you want it, war is over now)repeat with verse
For weak and for strong
The rich and the poor ones
The road is so long
So happy Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let's stop all the fight

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Christmas (War is over, if you want it, war is over now) repeat with verse
And what have we done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
And we hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
War is over, if you want it
War is over now

Merry Christmas

Korean dish ”Jjigae”

My friend sent me a gift. They were ingredients of Korean foods.
These are meats of pork.

This is Korean pickled "Kimchi".

Then we ate Korean dish "Jjigae".

It was so delicious. I put lots of Korean pickled "Kimchi" into a pan. It is common to put into rice or noodles after eating vegetables and meats of "nabe" in Japan. We put Korean noodle after eating them at this time. Korean noodle is different. I thank my friend.


Spanish food "Paella valenciana"

These are leaves Japanese radish "Daikon".

I think I'll harvest them soon.

By the way, I made Spanish food "Paella" by the the rice cooker.

It was so delicious. When I had gone to Spain, I heard that there were many rabbits in Spain in the past. So they ate "Paella" of rabbits. The word "Spain" means rabbits in Phoenician language. When I had stayed in Valencia, I ate Paella valencia. It was so delicious.I couldn't buy rabbits in Japan. So I made paella of chicken.

However, the taste was so good. I will try to make it again.


The salad of lettuce

I had harvested lettuce. Then I ate salad of lettuce.

I don't buy any lettuce since I started to grow lettuce 1 years ago. I like lettuce. The lettuce which I am growing is more delicious. I will try to grow them in the balcony.

This morning, I harvested them again.

I sometimes forget to buy vegetables or I can't buy my favorite vegetables in the super markets. So it is so useful to grow vegetables in the balcony.


Korean food "Jeon"

I like the seaweed "Nori"

. I often ate rice with seaweed. After harvesting lettuce in the balcony, I made a salad of seaweeds.

I like Korean seaweed, too. I made Korean food "Jeon".

In Japan, Korean foods are so popular. They eat often eat Korean foods at home or in the restaurant.

I like to travel. However, I haven't been to Korea. Someday, I would like to go to there.


Salmon steak

My father likes to cook. So he often cooks the dishes at home.

Today, he went to super markets and he bought this.

We try to eat fish because it is healthier. Then he made Salmon steak.

It was so delicious!!! I could enjoy to drink wine while the dinner.


The movie "Los abrazos rotos"

You know I like Pedro Almodovar's films.

Yesterday, I watched his movie "Los abrazos rotos"(Broken Embraces).

For me, I can understand about lives and thinking from his films.

The movie's story is about one man. His job was a director of the movie. He met one woman. His life changed. The story was sad. But it was good. I really enjoyed to watch the movie.


The spanish dish of sardines "Xoubas Guisadas"

When I have been to Spain, I bought these.

- The spice of saffron

- The powder of Paella

I like Spanish food. At this times, I made this Spanish food "Xoubas Guisadas".

Xoubas means sardines in Spain. It was so delicious. I like to travel. I would like to travel next year.


The winter of the balcony

I ate the bread of Garlic this morning.

After the breakfast, I watered the plants in the balcony.

A few days ago, I planted the garlic again.

I would like to harvest the garlic in the spring.

I like leek. In the spring, I had planted the seeds of leek. But I couldn't find sprouts. These are Japanese leek "Negi".

These are sprout of radish.

I miss the spring because I'll enjoy the gardening.

In order to enjoy it, I planted the next year and wrote it down on the note.


Japanese pancake "Okonomiyaki"

Yesterday, I made Japanese dish "Okonomiyaki" at home.

It is an western food of Japan. However, I like it. It isn't easy to make it for me. So I often eat it at the restaurants. At this time, I could make a delicious Okonomiyaki.


The garden center

After it is colder, I had planted seeds. They are bigger. After waking up, it is so fun to see them every day.

I often go to garden centers. Because it is the winter now, I can't find plants there. Next year, I would like to grow new plants and herbs. If it is warmer, I would like to go to there and I will buy new plants.


Japanese vegetable "hadaikon" and pickles

This year, I had found seeds Japanese vegetable "Hadaikon" in the garden center.

After harvesting them, leaves are bigger again!!!

I planted seeds of Hadaikon again. These are sprout.

By the way, I had planted seeds of carrot in the summer this year. But I couldn't harvest them. I often read books of gardening. According to them, it is difficult to grow carrots. Someday, I hope I would like to harvest them.

I bought carrots in super markets and I made pickles.

I would like to make pickles which I grown in the balcony someday.


The fish sardines

I ate the fish "sardines" tongiht.

I didn't eat fish,recently. So it was so delicious. The sardines are so popular in Japan It is called "Iwashi".

By the way, I had planted many seeds of Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" this year. So I often harvest. Today, I boiled them and I ate them with soy sauce.

The gift of vegetables


Daikon and Inaniwa udon

My friend gave me the nice gift. This is Japanese noodle "Udon" of Akita prefecture. It is called "Inaniwa udon". I made the cold noodle "Bukkake udon" topped with Japanese vegetable "Daikon" and ginger. I like Japanese vegetable "Daikon". It is the winter vegetable. I would like to grow Daikon next year.


The coffee

I always drink the coffee every morning.

Then I checke emails and websites while drinking the coffee.

This is my breakfast.

In the past, I didn't eat the breakfast. However, my friends told me it is important to eat the breakfast. Recently, many Japanese don't eat breakfast because they want to sleep more. Of course, me too.

When I didn't eat the breakfast, I often had anemia. But Recently, I don't have anemia as I eat the breakfast.

Today, I found sprouts of radish.

I hope I'll harvest radish after 2 months.


The hot soup

I went to go the park. A few days ago, it hasn't been to warm in Japan. In the winter, I often eat hot dishes. Yesterday, I made the soup of Tomato. Tomato was harvested in the summer. I had frozen them. After the dinner, I enjoyed reading the book of the gardening. Then I planed the spring's gardening. I'll like to grow new plants in the spring.


Feeling the nature

As the weather was good, I enjoyed to walking around my home.


You know I like nature. While feeling the nature, I am so happy. I will keep to feeling the nature.

The winter dish "Nimono"

I planted other seeds again.

I think I'll be able to harvest it after 1 or 2 month.

I ate Japanese dish "Nimono"(Boiled vegetalbes).

The new year day will come a month later. Many Japanese eat Japanese traditional food "Osechi". We make many dishes. Of course, Nimono. We make Nimono of winter vegetables.