I went to the one park in Shinjyku as an volunteer. I love this park. I want to keep working in this park as an volunteer. I will write about this later.


This summer

I went to Nagoya city to meet my parents. This statue was called "nana chan" in Nagoya.

My father likes cooking. So, he sometimes cooks delicious dishes to my family. He made a delicious hamburger steak at this time. Since last month, I went to hospital because of gastritis. So I tried not to heavy dishes. However, I could eat this hamburger steak because this meat didn't have a lot of fat in it.

One day, I went to the supermarket and found fresh shrimps!!! I love shrimps. So I bought it and cook them. I don't often buy shrimps in Tokyo because they are so expensive and they aren't fresh... But I often buy them when I stay in Nagoya. Shrimps are famous in Aichi pref and fisher can get many shrimps in the sea. We can buy them in Aichi pref cheaply and eat freshly them.

Whileing staying at my parent's home, I made a handmade pizza again! My father and mother ate it and they liked it! I was so glad!!!

This dish is "Shiokara". I bought freshly Cuttlefish and I made "Shiokara" at home. In the past , my friend told me how to make "Shiokara" of Cuttlefish. So I sometimes make it. At this time, my father wanted to eat Shiokara and I made it.

We ate rice with Shiokara.

These are vegetables that I planted.

- wather spinach

- butter lettuce

I went to the gardening shop and I like going to there.

Because there are many seeds and seedling of vegetables.

There were seeds of wild vegetable.(Pteridium aquilinum,Chinese yam)

I like Chinese yam(we call it "Yamaimo".) I love to eat Japanese noodle "Soba" with Chinese yam in the summer when I can't eat foods because of the heat. I will plant a seedings of Chinese yam in the summer!

Potherb Mustard

This summer is so strange. Typhoons leveled many houses and some people was dead...I am sorry. Although I wrote about the prices of vegetables are higher this year, the prices are higher now....

For example,

One tomato's price is 250 yen.
Cucumber's price is 100 yen...

This summer, Japan have lower temperatures and also fewer hours of sunlight.
So the prices of vegetables will be higher.

A few days ago, I planted the seeds of Potherb Mustards.
I found many sprouts of Potherb Mustards today!

Potherb Mustards is one of my favorite vegetables.
So I can't wait for eating them!!!

I will plant other vegetables later.

(For example,rockets,spinach etc)
By the way, I had gone to Nagoya city in order to meet my parents and stay in there home.

I took photos in the service area of the expressway because the sunset was so beautiful.

You may know many people got on the expressway and there were major traffic jams because of the reduction in fare of the expressway and the typhoon.

Anyway, I could have a great time with my family.



Yesterday, I bought a pineapple and ate it. It was so delicious. Then I watered the grass of the pineapple. According websites, some people grew pineapples for 3 or 4 years.



This summer of Japan is so strange. Because the rainy season finally finished yesterday. Many farm families had happened heavy rains this summer. According to the many news, prices of summer vegetables will rise suddenly this year. Indeed, I read that many firmers said that heavy rains destroyed entire fields of them since last month. I will have to prepare to grow vegetables of autumn later.

I plan to grow these vegetables this autumn.

- radish
- autumn poem
- garland chrysanthemum
- water spinach
- mizuna
By the way, I watched the movie "Departures".

I wanted to watch that so long.
The movie was so great. Before watching this movie, I read the book. After reading a book, I was so surprised because this movie was based on the true story.
I was happy to enjoy watching a good movie.