AFC soccer

Hi, How are you?
I am fine. Today, I went to the library and borrow some book.
Recently, I didn't upload my blog. So I forget some words of English. I feel it is important to keep studying English every day. I decide to write the articles every day.

By the way, AFC asian soccer is hold now.

Japanese team lost at the game of Saudi Arabia. Before the game, I thought Japan might lose because that Saudi Arabia is strong. It became true.

Japan will play at the game against Korea. Koreas is strong. Anyway, I am looking forward to watching the game of Japan vs Korea.


Spending a time with my brother

Hi,How are you? I am fine. I had gone to my brother's home and i couldn't upload my blog.
We went to Spanish restaurant and Okinawa food etc. I must get some weights. By the way, I watched some movie at his home. - Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end Good!!!! I like Jonny Depp. When I watched the last of the movie, I laught at the character of Jonny Depp. I think not only children but also adults enjoy this movie. - Kinky Boots I really wanted to watch this movie. This movie is based the true story. I could feel England while watching the movie and the story & cast are good. Nice movie!!! I will write about the football of AFC Asian Cup 2007.


The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

I am sorry that I didn't upload my blog. My condition is sometimes good or bad.

By the way, you may know this site.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

So funny. I will try reading this blog.

Who is uploading this blog? Please tell me if you know it.


New shopping builuding "Tokyo midtown"

A few days ago, I went to Roppongi. Last year, new shopping spot "Tokyo midtown" was built. At first, all of people had gone to there. You know I don't like crowded people. So I didn't go to there a few days ago.

Actually,there are a lot of shops(but too expensive) in there.

But I prefer to Roppongi hills because there are plants and gardens in there. Do you want to go to Tokyo midtown?


Cafe&Japanese food "Okinawa dishes"

Yesterday, I went to the nice cafe "Cafe Yuitto" of Shinjyuku. There are a lot of books in there. I could relax and read the book. Then I went to the restaurant of Okinawa food. Okinawa food is so different. For example,goya chanpuru,Okinwa's soba etc.

I ate goya chanpuru.

About 5 years ago, Okinawa food has been popular in Japan.Because Okinawa food is so healthy.

Do you want to eat Okinawa food???