Charo episode5 - Friends

Charo and margherita are walking down the streets of New York. Soon,the tow dogs are in front of a store.

Margherita: So,here we are. Now stay right beside me and don't let get lost!
(very slowly)Stay... with me.

charo:Okay,I understand.I ... stay with ... you.
John:Hey,Margherita. You came shopping for Rosa again. Good dog, good dog!
Margherita: Art.
Margherita:He's john.He's one of my best friends.But the day I met him,wow,he seemed so mean!
John: Now let's see. Basil...shrimp...cheese...okay.It's the usual cheese,right?
John: Oh yeah,got it.
John picks up one thing after another,comes back and puts them into Margherita's basket.
John: I know it's a bit heavy but you can carry it,right? You're such a strong girl.
Margherita:Arf!Thanks,John. See you!
John opens the door and the two dongs are out on the streets again. Charo looks back and sees John still waving at them.

Charo: How did you become friends?
Margherita:Well,it's a long story. You see, Rosa once caught a terrible cold. She was runnning a hight fever but we had to keep the restaurant open. She checked the stock of food and there were several things missing.So, I took of to the store with Rosa's small note in my basket. It was pouring outside. At first, John just kicked me out into the rain.

Charo: Did he really?
Margherita: Oh, yes. Still, I didn't give up. I waited and waited , until finally John came out, noticed my basket and the note,and apologized. That was when we made friends.

Charo: That's great!
Margherita: Yes, friends are great. They care for you and support you, not because they want something in return, but because they love you.
Charo: Yes. Right.
Margherita: And it was Rosa who taught this to me. She was the one who took me in, you know.
Charo: Took...you...in? Then you were...?
Margherita: Yes. I was abandoned. But Rosa found me, brought me to her place, and fed me. She really, really cares for me. That's why I always want to help her.
Charo:...I was abandoned,too.
Margherita: Oh, I thought you were just lost.
Charo: No... at the begining. I was left in the park. Shota saved me.
Margherita: Oh, then we're in the same boat. Friends.
Charo: Yes, friends.
Just then, Margherita spots a wonderfully charming puppy.

Margherita: Wow. Look at her. Isn't she something!!

Charo sees the cute little dog held in the arms of a slender boy. Charo: Her ears...so pretty.

At this time, Charo has no idea that this charming dog would become one of his very best friends.


Charo episode4 - Merry Margherita

It's a bright, sunny morning. A loud voice echoes from inside the Italian restaurant.

Margherita: Okay,okay. Oh, don't you worry. Everything is going to be just fine.

Dread:Here comes the noisy one.


Dread:Margherita. She lives here, at the restaurant. Sh's got a big mouth, and she sticks her nose into everything.

Charo: Margherita... Sounds like pizza.

Dread:(lightly laughs)

Margherita comes out with a shopping basket hanging around her neck. She sees Dread.

Margherita: Hey, Dread, I haven't seen you for quit a while. How've you been?
(She winks but Dread turns aside, not waiting to be involved.)
Margherita: Oh don't act like that. I thought we were friends, no? Come on, why don't you give me a nice smile and talk for a change?

Dread:Never thought you were my friend.

Margherita: So you do hear me. Good! Anyway, what a wonderful day! Look at the beautiful... Oh my oh my! Who is this little one, he's so cute! Hey, what's your name? Never seen you before, have I?


Margherita: Yes I'm talking to you, little price. Oh, what a sweet thing!

Charo just stares at her, with hiou mouth open. Finally he say...
Charo: Ahhh....おばさん?

Margherita: What's that? What did you say? (to nobody) well,what ever. I'm Margherita. Call me that ,Okay?

Charo: Uhm...Could you speak more slowly...please?

Dread: He just came from Japan. Your machine-gun talk is too fast for him.

Margherita: Oh, my. you came all the way from Japan? Un-be-leee-vable. O-kie-do-kie. My name is Margherita. Mar-ghehe-ree-tah. And what's you name, darling?

Charo: Charo,my name is Charo.

Margherita: That's a nice name...Charo. And may I ask you something, Charo? Whatever happened to you owner family?

Charo: Uhm... They went back. To Japan.

Margherita: What!? Oh, poor thing! Charo, you were abandoned.


Margherita: You know, bye-bye. Sayonara.

Charo: No! I'm just lost.

Margherita: Whatever it is , it's terrible.But don't you worry. You've got Margherita here. You see? I'm your friend!!!

Dread is getting tired of Margherita's talk. He lies down and sighs.

Margherita: I've got an idea. I'm going shopping. How would you like to come with me?

Charo: Shopping? Dogs...shop?

Margherita: Of course! Dogs can shop, easy.


Margherita:If you're going to live here you should know the way around.So come on, Charo, follow me.(Starts walking.)

Charo quickly asks Dread for advice.

Charo: What do you think?

Dread: Why not? You'll get to see the City. Good chance to learn.


Margherita: New York, New York
Crowds of people rushing around
New York, New York
It's the world's most fascinating town
Walk along the Broadway, watch today's matinee
Go inside a flower shop and buy a big bouquet
There's nothing you can't get, in Manhattan cafes
Pizza,sushi,kebab,sherbet,escargot and steak

New York, New York
Taxicabs are honking around
New York, New York
It's everybody's drem town


Charo episode3 - Sweet sausage blues

The next morning, Charo wakes up in a back alley. No, he's not in a dream. Just then something hits the ground right in front of Charo. It's a bagle.

Dreat:What? You called me?
Dread:Dread. My name is Dread.
Charo:(in a small voice) Dread...Thank you, Dread.

Charo jumps right to the bagel and muches. He hasn't eaten anything for such a long time.

Dread: And you?
Dread: What's your name?
Charo:(munching) Charo. I'm Charo.
Dread:Charo,huh? Okay,Charo, you feel strong enough to walk now?
Dread:Come on,then.
Dread:You've got to live by yourself,right?
Dread:Then there's a lot to learn. Come with me.

Charo follows Dread,wondering where they're going. Soon they come to the door of a restaurant kitchen.

(A woman comes out.)

Rosa: Dread!! I almost thought you weren't coming. And hey,you've got company!

Rosa is the person who runs the restaurant. Charo is struck by the charming way she looks.

Rosa: So, you're still a little puppy.Wait,I'll bring something special for you.
Dread:She always does this, you know.
Sharo:She's kind.

Rosa comes back from the kitchen and tosses a sausage to Charo.

Rosa:You like it? I'm glad,baby. It's all yours. A nice-to-meet-you gift. Ciao!

(Charo suddenly seems sad and sits in front of the sausage. Dread is watching him, while eating his share of leftovers.)

Dread:What's the matter? You don't like sausage?
Charo: I love them.
Drean: Then eat.

Charo brings his mouth to the sausage, but he can't see it well. His eyes are filled with tears.

Dread: Now what?
Charo:Sausage. Shota gave me sausage, too. when we first met.
Dread: Who's Sota?
Charo: My owner. I was just born. I thought I was dying, I was so hungry. Shota came and took me in. He fed me and saved my life.

Suddenly Charo starts to cry. Dread seems embarrassed. He isn't really good around sad, crying puppies. Finally Charo sheds his last tear.

Dread: Feeling better?
Charo: Yes. Thank you.
Dread: Then, eat.

But Charo just looks at the sausage. He then takes it in his mouth, walks over and drops it beside Dread.

Charo:Let's eat together!
Dread:Thanks but no thanks. It's yours, boy. Eat whenever you can,whatever you can. That's rule number one in this city.

Dread goes back to his own plate. At this moment, Charo realizes that somehow being close Dread makes him feel safe.


Charo episode2 - Far from Japan

Charo is wandering around town. He feels so tired that he squats down by a fence.

Parking lot attendant:Hey! Where'd you come from? This isn't place to rest.
Parking lot attendant: This is the gate of a parking lot. You're blocking the way.
Charo: Woof woof!
Manhattan is no longer a friendly town to Charo. he moves, but his legs feel so heavy.
Charo: I'm hungy...(whimper)
Yes, Charo is hungrier than ever. But when he reaches the next crossing, he stops and looks up in amazement. The tall building are all being lit up. And one of them seems familiar.

Charo: あ、あの高い日ビル。翔太ととまってホテルの近くにあったやつだ。翔太が探しにくるかも。いってみよう。

Down the street, the Chrysler Building is shining. Charo gets to 42nd St. and sees the hotel. He happily runs ahead but...

Doorman: Hey, you can't come in here. Shoo! Shoo!!
Gharo: Let me in. I was here before. Arf!
Doorman: Go! Get going.

Again Charo is kicked out. He now sees that a dog can't get in palces like this, unless hi is with a human. He's all alone now. What can he do? He stumbles into the back alley of the hotel and lies down.


There, a great big boxer.

Charo: Big dog...
Dread: Hey, who do you think you are? This is my territory.

Charo: I'm sorry.
Dread: You'd better be.
Charo: Errr....sir..?
Charo:Which way is Japan?
Charo:How long does it take to Japan?
Charo:If I walk, how long?

The big dog can't believe what he's just heard.

Dread:Japan is ...far.
Charo:It takes days?
Dread:...You came from Japan?
Charo:Yes. I got lost. At the airport. I was going back to Japan.
Dread:But now you can't. Not any more.
Dread:Dogs can't get on the airplanes,not by themselves,you understand?
Dread:Japan is far far far away.For you,it'll take more than a lifetime.
Dread:Yeah. That means you'll be dead. Listen,you've got to learn to live here. Forget about Japan and get used to it here.

The big boxer starts to walk again.


But at that moment...

Dread:Okay,okay. I'll help you,but only for today.

Dread,big boxer,carries Charo gently in his mouth and moves on. Charo sees the city lights moving back and forth,until comfortably,he feels himself pass out.