Keep to planting seeds

This autumn was so short. As I won't be able to plant seeds, I did a few days ago.

Today, I found the sprout of winter vegetables.

It is so fun to grow vegetables for me. Every day, I find new thing and the providence. While the winter, I will plant to spring's gardening.


The memory


My grand father was gone this morning...

A years ago, my grand mother had been gone.
For him, it was so terrible sadness.

He lost the power to live since my grand mother's die.

His body was worse every day.

For us, it was so hard...

But we think he could stand in the hospital since today.
He tried to smile us.

I don't forget his kindness.

And I think I am happy I was born and they grew up for me when my parents was busy.

Of course, I am so sad and I would like to meet my grand father and grand mother.

However, he really loves my grand mother.
So he could meet her since 1 years.

If I think it is, my sadness is decreased a little.

I know my English is so strange.

So I now, write my true feeling.

This is my important place.

The garden of my grand...

I noticed the reason that I started to grown plants.

Because my grand mother and grand father did.

They loves nature.

They taught me it since I was a born.
I really thank my grand father and grand mother.
I will keep to grow plants and feel.

They are coming???

Full moon

This autumn will be finished soon.
I saw the full moon a few days ago.



This is my plant.

I hope it will be bigger. Last night, I had a dinner with my brother. I ate Japanese foods. (Sashimi,etc). I finished to move. I will write about my new life soon.



I'll leave Tokyo soon. So I am preparing to move.

By the way, these are herb in the balcony.

- basil

- Rocket

I drank this last night.

I bought it in Spain.I miss Spain.


Jamiro's chopstick

I harvested Rocket and mizuna. Then I made these.

By the way, I got Jamiroquai's chopstick!!! hahaha.

It is my treasure!!!


Fresh vegetables

The vegetables in my balcony are good. I harvested them.

As I started to grow vegetables, I can't eat vegetables which are sold in super markets.

Because their taste aren't good. But vegetables which I grown are so fresh.In addition, it is so fun to grow up them.

I will keep to grow vegetables.


Jamiroquai - Jazz Cafe 2010

Jamiroquai jazz cafe

Jamiroquai live and Japanese pizza

I like Japanese food "Aburaage". Yesterday, I watched the cooking TV program. They made a pizza as using Aburaage. So I made it.

The taste was so good. The pizza crust which it is sold in super markets is so large for me. When I buy it, it is hard to eat all of them.

I will make Japanese pizza again.

By the way, I always check websites of Jamiroquai. According to websites, they will come to Japan this month. I am so happy.

This is their live of Amsterdam. I watched it!!! And I heard the BBC Radio concert.They are great!!!


Japanese noodle "Yakiudon"

I feel better because I took a rest and some medicine.
I could eat something more.

These were my brother's dinner.

- Fried egg "Tamagoyaki" wiht age and green pepper.

- Japanese chicken's dish "Teriyaki"

- Japanese noodle "Yakiudon"

There are some Japanese noodle in Japan. For example, soba, somen, udon.

We sometimes make fried udon. Udon is Japanese west's are's food. So they often eat Udon.I hear they eat Udon 3 times a day. It is interesting.


Japanese dish "Oyakodon"

I ate Japanese dish "Oyakodon" as the lunch.

It is a rice bowl dish of Chiken and egg.

There are many rice bowls "Donburi" in Japan.

For example, beef ,tempra and seafood etc.

I think it is easy to make Japanese rice bowls in other countries because they can buy meats and vegetables. In addition, the recipe is easy.

Chinese dishes

I made Chinese dishes.

- Chinese dumplings, Twice cooked pork

In Japan, chinese dumplings is so popular. But Japanese often eat baked dumplings. When I have been to Chine, they don't eat baked dumplings. They eat boiled dumplings.

This is a omelet of Cheese and nattou.

In Japan, there are many dishes of Nattou.

For example, noodle, miso soup etc. I sometime eat Japanese noodle "Soba" with nattou. I will eat it someday.


Japanese snack "Senbei"

This was the dinner for my brother.

- salmon with cheese, bacon, potato

I ate the rice with Nattou aned egg because I didn't feel to eat.

Do you know this?

This is Japanese snack "Senbei". I like it.


The winter's taste

It is so cold in Japan. The autumn of this year was so short. It is a winter now.

Yesterday, I made the dish "sauteed vegetables" of bacon and pork.

My brother ate Japanese noodle "Ramen" and rice.

I ate the rice with nattou and Japanese pickles "Tukemono".

I like Japanese pickles "Tukemono". I think it is the taste of the winter. I will try to make it after harvesting vegetables in my home.

When it is cold, I would like to eat Japanese food "Chazuke".


The news about Jamiroquai

I made these dishes for my brother.

- The dried fish "Himono".

- "Kakuni" of porks and eggs.

Kakuni is Japanese south area's food.

They often eat pork. So there are some famous pork's food in there.

But he wanted to eat something more. So he made Japanese noodle "Ramen" by himself. hahaha

By the way, the new CD of Jamiroquai was finally released in Japan. So I was keep to listening to their music all day long. I am so happy!!!


Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride

Hainanese chicken rice and Shichime

I made the chiken dish "Hainanese chicken rice" and fried noodle "Yakisoba" for my brother.

The chiken dish "Hainanese chicken rice" is sometimes called "Mushi dori" in Japan.

As I have a cold a few days ago, I don't feel to eat anything. But I tried to eat something.

I ate the hot noodle "Nyumen" with Komatsuna and mushroom.

I like to eat the hot spicy food.
So I added many Shichimi and ginger.

Shichime is Japanese spice.

Of course, I like Shichime.
So I often add it to foods.

It makes that my body is warmer.

Frozen tomato and spanish omelet

I would like to eat Spanish omelet because the omelet I had eaten in Spanish was so delicious.

It is so difficult to make Spanish omelet for me. But the taste was so delicious. By the way, could you see the red things of the first photo?

They were tomatoes!!!

My friend told me how to make frozen tomatoes. So I had froze them after harvesting them in the summer. Now, I frozen other vegetables. For example, Komatsuna etc. I will grow tomatoes next year!!!


Japanese noodle "soumen" and Monstera

I harvested lettuce and I ate this in the morning. - egg, baked lettuce and bacon I like sunny side egg.

As there were some lettuce in refrigerator, I ate Japanese noodle "Somen" with lettuce.

In the past, I wrote about "Soumen". We often eat Soumen in the summer. However, we sometimes eat the hot noodle "Nyumen" of "Soumen".

This is a leaf of Monstera. It is a tropical plant.

Could you see this?

How huge!!! I hope it will be bigger!!!