Autumun vegetable

I harvested leaves of Basil.Then I cooked chips of Basil's flavor.

I have planted autumn vegetables "turnip" and I found some sprout!!!

I will plant other seeds soon.


Rock Dust Light Star

Japan is is experiencing record high temperatures.
Many people keep to run air-conditioners while sleeping because it is so hot!
The weather has damaged agricultural products and is expected to decrease crops of vegetables as well.

I am suffering from the summer heat.
I don't want to eat anything now...

Yesterday, I read about the news of Jamiroquai.
Finally, the CD of Jamiroquai will be released in Nov of this year!!!
I am so happy.

If they come to Japan, I will try to go to their concerts.

I want to listen to their new songs!!!!


Steak and radish

I harvested a radish in my balcony.

I will prepare to plant autumn's vegetables.

In the summer vacation, my family got on Japanese express train "Shinkansen" to meet our relatives.

Then we came back to my parent's home.

My father wanted to eat steak.
So we went to have a dinner.

The meat was so delicious!!!

My mother made a salad by using freezing tomatoes.

They were so surprised because I harvested many tomatoes.
I am so happy.


Bon_Festival and Japanese garden

My summer vacation was over. I could enjoy to spend a time with my parent and my relatives this year.

By the way, I met my grand father.
He is in the hospital.
I hope he will be doing well.

Japanese custom "bon festival" is held to welcome back the spirits of the dead.

It is believed the spirits return to their families during the festival. People visit their relatives' graves to pray and make offerings of flowers and incense.

During the period, many people receive company holidays.
Expressways and trains are often crowded with people returning to their hometowns.
However, the number of companies giving their employees time off is decreasing.

After meeting my relative, we had a lunch at my uncle's house.
In the past, my grand mother and my grand father lived in it.
When I was a child, I often went to there.

It was my important place.

I spend some time in the garden of his house.

In the past, I often played in there.

I will write about my summer vacation later.