I am reading the guidebook of Penang. I want to do parasailing. It is very exciting! It costs only 60 RM!


The man eating only jnuk food & not spleeping.

I watched 'The michinist' and 'The Super size me' in my house on Sunday. The story of 'The machinist' is the man have not been sleeping for a year and many accidents happened around him. The ending found the cause he couldn't sleep clear. It was very scary movie. And Chiristian Bale lost 30 KG weight for the movie and his acting is very realistic. I recomend everyone. Then I watched 'The super size me'. It was one of the movies I have wanted to watch it before. I thought junk food is very bad. It made the body and the mental health bad. I respected the director. Because he only ate foods of MacDonald. Finally he had gained 10KG weight for a month. I decided to stop eating junk food. ■太る fatten out // gain weight // get chubby // get fat // get obese // get [gain, put on] flesh // grow in flesh // make a pig of oneself // plump out [up] // put it on // put on fat // put on weight


Keeping a household account book!!

I keep a household account book everyday. Because I want to save money to go to travel. And I make a lunch every. I'm going to Phuket Town of Malaysia for a trip in the next year. ■プーケット 【地名】Phuket〔タイで一番大きな島(Ko Phuket)、都市(Phuket Town)、観光地 ◆〈略〉HKT〕