Coming back to Japan from England

Hi, How are you?

I am fine. Yesterday, I came back to Japan from England. I could really enjoy my trip of England. I will wrote about my trip.

Although it was the first time to stay in England, I love England. I want to go to England again.

Oh,I forgot. Thank Mike & Mike's parents!!! I think that if I can't spend the time with them, I couldn't enjoy the real England. Mike & Mike's parents showed us wonderful England.


My trip of England #2 enjoy eating & seeing London

After waking up at 6:30 am, I & my mother had a breakfast. I heard that the food of Breakfast is not good. But it isn't true!!! How delicious! I especially like grilled tomatos & sausages. I will try make grilled tomatos at my home.

This is my breakfast.Did I eat too much?

After eating delicious English Breakfast, we came back to the room and took a rest. Then we leaf the hotel in order to attend the tour of the travel agency. Of course, we could get on tube!!! Because Mike taught me how to go to picadilly Circus staion. Mike, Thank you so much.

We arrived at there early. So we took photos & walked around Picailly Circus staion.

When it was 8:30 am, we got on the bus and enjoyed seeing famous places.
- Bukingham palace

It is so luxury!!!!
There are not the palace like this in Japan.hahaha

- Big Ben

- Westminster Abbey
- St Paul's Cathedral

Then we arrived at London Tower. But I felt a headache & bad. So I decided to take a rest in the bus. The driver worried about me and he gave me the pill. English people is kind!!! Because of the pill, I felt better. It is 13 pm when the tour was over. So I and my mother decided to go to the museums!!! Yes, I am looking forward to going to the museums!!! I will write about the museums later!


My trip of England #1 Going to England

I must write about my trip.

After getting up at 5 am, we went to the Narita airport by the Narita Express.Because I got up early, I slept while getting on the express.

We arrived at 9 am and got on the flight at 11 am. While getting the plane, I watched the moves & reading book. After 11 hours, we arrived at the Heathrow Airport!!!

I went out from the airport and saw around thre. The weather of England is cooler than Japan's. But the air was so clean and fresh!!!!

This is a taxi of UK!!! It is different from Japan's one.

Anyway, I liked UK when I arrived at England at once.
If I will go to England, I will try to get on the train.

Then we got on the bus of the travel agency and arrived at the hotel. The hotel was close to Euston station. After checking in, I went out the hotel. Mike taught me the place of Tesco. So I went to there on foot. I bought some water & beer. Mike, Thanks! I was able to buy a thing cheaply.

There is a supermarket "Tesco" where is close to warren street st.

While going back to the hotel, I found the chinese restaurant. I felt hungry and bought the food by take away.

The price is only 3 ponds!!! After arriving at my room, I ate chinese food & drunk beer. Then I went to the bed because we had to get up early.


Japanese antique shop

Today, I found Japanese antique shop after going to the bank.

I didn't notice this antique shop until today.

Of course, the prices are so expensive. I can't buy now.hahaha

By the way, I will finally go to England tomorrow. We must arrived at the Narita airport untill am 9. So we must get up at 5 am and get on the Narita Express train am 6:30 in order to arrived at the Narita airport.

I must set 2 alarm of the clock in order to get up early tommorrow.

By the way, I found the pretty flower when I come back my home.

Do you know the name of this flower? Please tell me if you know.


Could you make "Okonomiyaki" by yourself?

I ate too much!!!

I am trying to empty my refrigerator because I will leave from Japan on 18th.

And I am trying not to buy a lot of fresh food at the supermarkets.

So now, I am making Japanaese food "Okonomiyaki" and eating it because we can make "Okonomiyaki" if there are some flour and cabbages , eggs,some slice of meats or seafoods.

Do you know how to make "Okonomiyaki" by yourself?

It is so easy to make "Okonomiyaki". In addition, it is so healthy because it includes many cabbage.

At first, you will cut the cabbage into strips and wash them by the water.

Then you will put 1 small bowl shredded cabbage and the flour(50g) ,1 egg ,the water( 30ml) into the bowl. It is a base of "Okonomiyaki".

After that, you will mix them.

After mixing them, you will bake meats (50g)or seafoods.

After baking them, you will put the base of "Okonomiyaki" into the pan like this.

After about 10 mins, you will check them and flip them.

Then you will bake them like this for about 10 mins while checking them and put some okonomiyaki sauce on them. It is finish!!! If you don't have or find any okonomiyaki sauce, I think it is good to you use the mixed ketchap and mayo instead of okonomiyaki sause.

If you eat "Okonomiyaki" at the restaurants, you will have to pay at least 1200 yen in Tokyo. But if you make it by yourself in your house, You will be able to save a lot of money.


About Johannes Vermeer

I watched the TV drama & the documentary about Johannes Vermeer a month ago. They were so interesting.

When I had gone to WashingtonDC's museum, I had seen his picture.

But I didn't know about him well at that time.

In Tokyo's museum "The National Art Center,", the picture "Milkmaid" of his most famous has been exhibited.

If I have a chance, I'd like to see his works. Of course, I will see his works at The National Gallery of London.


Singing song is fun

Hi, how are you?

I am fine and I almost finished preparing to pack the suit case.

By the way, I enjoyed "Karaoke".

Have you ever done "Karaoke"?

There are a lot of "Karaoke box" in Japan. So many people go to there and enjoy sing songs. There are a lot of rooms in "Karaoke box" and we can sing not only Japanese songs but also foreign songs.

The price is not expensive. So young people go often. Sometimes, adult go to there and sing songs until the early morning because the trains stop.

The price is almost about 200 or 300 yen per 1 room. If you go to there after 12am after pay about 1200yen, you may enjoy singing songs until the morning.

Recently, the karaoke's systems have been upgraded. So after singing songs, we can see the scores. It is very fun!!! Do you want to go to "Karaoke"?


Going Britsh Tourist of Akasaka

Hi,how are you? I am fine. Today, I went to British Tourist Authority in order to get maps of England and London, a map of Tube in Akasaka of Tokyo.

By the way, I like John Lennon. So I would like to go to England for a long time.

Because Mike taught me that there are exhibits of Beatles in British Library, I plan to go to there. Someday I want to go to Liverpool. Mike, Thank you for telling me!!!
Of course, I am looking forward to going to the Cotswolds and spending the time with Mike!

I think that England is bigger than Japan. So I would like to go to England again.

Of course, I will try to eat Fish & chips and drink beer and cider in the pubs.


looking the guide book and web sites

Today is a holiday in Japan. I went to the store and bought the new microphone. Then I am read the guide book & websites of the UK.

I plan to go to the British museum & British library museum etc. Anyway,I was so surprised because there are a lot of nice museums in London and we can go and see for free. We must pay money(about 1200 yen) at Japanese museums. Of course, at this time, I know that I can't go to all of the museums of London.

At next time, I want to stay for more days in UK.


The first time of UK


To tell the truth,
I will go to UK this month for the first time.

I am sorry. Recently, I didn't upload my blog... In addition to study English....

Oh my god.

I need the dictionary when I will go to london.hahaha

Maybe,my english is worse than before. So if you mind, please forgive me!!

But I am looking forward to going to London and meet Mike and his family.

If I have a lot of money, I wanna stay for more days in the UK and I hope that. Anyway, I am very interested in England for years and I hoped that I would go to there someday.

I am very happy and I really thank mike and his family. My mother said that.

Anyway, I have to prepare packing the suitcase and other.

Mike,Thank you so much .We can't wait for meeting you!!!

My microphone of PC is broken.
I think that is broken because I bought the microphone of most cheap...

So I plan to go to that on Monday.
Mike, I am sorry because I couldn't talk by the microphone. Of course, I have to check the guidebook and how to get on tube. Wow!

It is exciting because of the first time!!! I will try to challenge!

If you find 2 women of Japanese, they will seems to be lost the way. Please help us.hahaha


The flower garden of Nagoya


How are you?

I am fine.
The summer of Japan was over.This summer was strange and too hot because of the global warming.

By the way, I didn't upload my blog because I am lazy and this summer was too hot...hahaha

When I had gone to Nagoya, my parents and I had gone the flower garden "" of Nagoya port!

Although it was summer, the flowers and plants were beautiful!

Field of wild flowers

Please look at this if you want to look at other photos.

Then I had been surprised because the garden "Field of wild flowers" designed by the man who live in the Cotswolds!!! His name is Mr.Mr.vicks.
Do you know him???

By the way,I will go to UK this month.(Mike,you know that!)

I will write about my trip of UK again!!!