the new year greeting cards

I wrote the new year greeting cards for friends, because I felt good in this afternoon. I am going to send to other friends greeting cards on net too. I will send cards by the service of Ynot. It is free.


no holidays

I had a paid holiday today. So I have no paid holidays. I had a hevy cold and I had some holidays last month. I am feeling strange. I am feeling being tired & can't move my body.


The farewell party

Tonight I attended the farewell party of my same team in my office. He is going to work in the company I know. Good luck!


The second day of Washington D.C

I went out from my room to watch the Lincoln Memorial opens for 24 hours. The Lincoln Memorial was near the hotel. I can walk there. But it was very cold in the morning & the night. After watching the Lincoln Memorial, I went to the the Washington Memorial and got into there. The view from the top of the Washington Memorial was very beautiful. I could see the White House & the capital. We can enter the Washington Memorial for free. Then I went to the Smithsonian Museum. I had looked forward to watching the exhibitions in the Smithsonian Museum. At the first I went to the National Air an space Museum. I could watched the moon stone and the exhibitions of Apollo. The museum was so big that we didn't watch all of the exhibitions. The next,I went to the Natural History Museum. There were a mammoth remains in the entrance. It was very huge. Then I wathce the Hope of the Diamond. It was said that every owners of this diamond had been unhappy because of this diamond. The owner of this diamond gave to the museum. After watching the exhibitions in the museums, I went to the Old Post Office & The FBI,the Union Station. I felt fear around the Union Station. Because I lost my way. Then I went to the Washington National Cathedral by the bus. There wes the bus station near the Smithsonian Museum. It took for 20 minutes to the Washington National Cathedral by the bus. I didn't enter the cathedral. I heard that there was Helen Keller's remains in the Washington National Cathedral. I took a rest in the garden. Then I went back to the hotel.


the first day of WashingtonD.C

the first day of WashingtonD.C This time I had made reservations in hotels & airlines for the first time. Then today was day for traveling to WashingtonD.C. I went out from my house at 7 am and go to the Narita Airport by train. I managed to arrive at the Narita Airport at 9 am. The airplane took off at 10 am. The meals of the airlines 'ANA' were very delicious. It was so delicious that I drank wine a lot. After 10 hours,I arrived at the Washington Dulles airport. The Washington Dulles aiport was famous for the movie 'Die Hard 2'. At first I lost in the airport but I found the bus to Foggy Buttom station. When I arrived at the Foggy Buttom station, I asked people the way to the hotel. Then I managed to check in the hotel. After checking in the hotel, I went out the hotel and went to the WhiteHouse & the washington monument to take pictures. When it was 4 pm,I couldn't get into the washington monument. So I decided to go there tomorrow. The whitehouse was great. And there were some lovely squirrels around there. Of course there were many tv-crews & cameras & reporters around the whitehouse.


Hanauma Bay

I went to the Hanauma Bay! I had looked forward to going to there and snorkeling before traveling. I waked up at 5 am and left my room. I waited for the bus to the Hanauma Bay. After 10 minutes,The bus arrived at the hotel and picked up me. After I arrived at the Hanauma Bay, I had to listen to the lecture in the Hanauma Bay. After listening to it,I went to the Hanauma Bey by the car. The beach was very beautiful. The hanauma bay is very famous. At the first,I felt fear. But I enjoyed snorkeling in the sea. I watched many fishes there. After snorkeling,I slept in the beach for 2 hours. Because I early waked up this morning. When I waked up in the beach, My back was very hot & get browned. Then I did snorkeling again. Because it was a time to go back, I put on my clothes and took some pictures. I hope I will go to the Hanauma Bay and enjoy snorkeling again.