Dried fish and traditional breakfast

I harvested some Japanese vegetable "asuparana".

Then I cooked and I ate dried fish "Himono" with vegetables.

Dried fish is usually made only with salt water, so it is regarded as a healthy food by the public. Japan often ate dried fish at the breakfast.

Recently, many people ate bread as breakfast.
In the past, dried fish was eaten by Japanese.
Japanese traditional breakfast is here.

- rice
- miso soup
- soybeans "nattou"
- dried fish or grilled fish
- egg
- seaweed

According to some news, Japanese people don't often eat fish recently.According to news of newspapars, Japanese people don't often eat fish recently.
On the other hand, foreigners who eat seafood are increasing now.
For example, sushi etc.

Anyway, I like Japanese traditional breakfast. So I will cook a traditional breakfast tomorrow.


Sign of spring

A few days ago, it is warmer in Japan. When I wear a coat, I feel hot. Many people wear less clothing for a few days. Spring will comes along soon. I will prepare spring's clothes on this weekend.

I will harvest all of winter's vegetables on next weekend.

This is herb "German chamomile" of my balcony.
I hope that I'll see flowers of camomile in May.

This is a flower of Christmas rose.

After watering all plants, I enjoy watching beautiful flowers every day.

By the way, we can see cherry blossoms in spring.

The Japanese are particularly fond of the cherry tree and have planted it throughout the country.Each spring, the cherry blossom season begins in Okinawa and moves gradually northward.

Although at each place the petals fall after about a week, a person traveling north with the "cherry blossom front" would be able to enjoy the blossoms for nearly three months.

Spring is the time for picking a variety of edible wild plants.

Have you ever eaten the vegetable "Bamboo shoot"?

Bamboo shoots are in season in spring.
So we can eat fresh bamboo shoots in Japan.

Last year, I went to harvest bamboo shoots of forests. If it is possible, I want to get bamboo shoots in this spring.


Reuse of soils

I started growing plants in my balcony last year. I have to prepare to plant seeds of new vegetables and flowers next month.

At first, I have to reuse culture soils. I read books and websites of gardening. So I According to them, I will be able to reuse these methods.

1. leave used soils in the sun for a few days.
2. drizzle soils with lime.

So I will buy some limes in garden centers.

By the way, I will plant these seeds next month.

- rocket-salad
  - Turnip
- Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna"
I will buy other vegetable's seeds before this summer.

I can't wait to plant seeds!!!


Lavender's potpourri

Yesterday, I gathered flowers of lavender. I will make potpourri.

I like the scent of lavender. According to books of aroma therapy,the scent of lavender is said to have a calming effect on people. A few days ago, I went to garden centers. I wanted to buy some seeding. For example, marguerite,daffodils etc.

I will buy some seeding after the trip!In addition, I want to make soaps of lavender by myself. I read some books about making soaps. So I will try to prepare and make herbal soaps at home.


Yesterday, I bought tofu and I cooked a meal. This is Chinese food "Mapo_doufu".

Chinese food "Mapo_doufu" is so popular in Japan. Of course, I like it!

Before cooking, I harvested Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" because I have to prepare to plant seeds of spring's vegetables.


Provençal fish stew "Bouillabaisse"

Yesterday, I harvested Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna" and parsley. Then I cooked and had a dinner at home.

This is Provençal fish stew "Bouillabaisse".

Tomato was not grown by myself. It was just bought in the super market. Of course, I bought carrots and fish.

You may know that I grew Tomato last year and I couldn't harvest any tomatoes. If I find tomato's seedling, I would like to grow it this year.


New vegetables

Yesterday, I bought seeds of spring's vegetables in flower shops.

I'll plant seeds before going to Spain. I may see sprouts after coming back to Japan. In spring of last year, I grew these vegetables.

- rockets
- radish
- basil
- cucumber etc

In this spring, I'll try to grow new vegetables. If I plant seeds in March, I will write about it.


Rosemary oil

Yesterday was a holiday. So I enjoyed a gardening.

I harvested rosemary sprig and I made rosemary oil.

According to websites, we can make herbal vinegar by using herbs. I will try to make a harbal vinegar when I'll harvest rosemary.

After harvesting rosemary, I cooked the dinner. This is grilled fish ”mackerel". The fish was seasoned with salt and rosemary. It was so delicious!

This is Japanese vegetable "Komatsuna". I will harvest this before going to Spain.



Finally, the movie "Los abrazos rotos"is released in Japan today. If it is possible,I'd like to go to watch it at the theater. However, I must save money because I'll go to Spain next month. So I'll try to see the movie through DVD when it will be sold. By the way, I will try to study Spanish. For example, greeting.


Handmade anchovies

I'll have to prepare to grow spring's vegetables next month.

So I'll try to harvest winter's vegetables before going to Spain next month.

This is camomile.

I want to see the flowers of camomile.

A few days ago, I bought some sardines in the super market.

Then I checked how to make anchovy on the net.

I cut all of them and salted away them.

According some websites, I'll have to remove from salted sardines. Then sardines have to soak in olive oil for a month.

Maybe, I'll eat anchovy after 2 months.


Antoni Gaudi and Alhambra.

A few days ago, I started to check Spanish's information.
I'll go to Madrid at first.

Then I'll go to Granada, Barcelona.
I like to watch wonderful old buildings.
So I can't wait to watch works of Antoni Gaudi,Alhambra.

I'll buy souvenirs for my family and friends.
Now, I think I'll buy olive oil's in Spain.
Because the quality is so nice.

If you know good souvenirs of Spain, tell me.

You may know I like Pedro Almodovar who is Spanish movie director.
So I will look for his books or other in Spain.

His new movie will be released in Japan on 8th of Feb.
I will try to go to see his new movie "Los abrazos rotos".


Wonderful restaurant "tsukiji-hamanoya"

A few days ago, I went to Japanese restaurant "tsukiji-hamanoya".

My friend taught me that seafood are excellent. So I really wanted to go to there since last week.

I ate these dishes.

- milt "shirako" with ponzu

-The head of sea bream "Thai no kabuto ni"

- Oyster

- Turban shell

But I don't like a turban shells. So I gave it to others. I ate other dishes.

The seafood of this restaurant was so excellent. Their service was so nice, too. I will go to there when I'll want to eat fresh seafood.


The movie "Vier Minuten"

Recently, I always go to cafes in order to have a breakfast. I know it is best to cook by myself ...

The cafe is close to my home. I start reading newspapers after ordering breakfast. The breakfast's menu is here.

- Bread with butter
- Baked egg and bacon
- Potato's salad
- 2 cups of coffee

I stay at there for about 40 mins and go to my office.

It is good to check many news while eating a breakfast. As I always go to there, I often meet some regular customers.

By the way, I watched the movie "Vier Minuten".

The story is about 2 women.
One old woman is a piano's teacher of French prison.
Other is a young woman and she is a prisoner.
She has a talent to play a piano.
So the teacher teaches her to play a piano and they tried to attend the competition. I didn't often watch French movies. But I wanted to watch this movie since it was released in Japan. I could enjoy watching it at home.