Charo episode1 - Lost in the Airport

This is JFK airport in NY. It's one of the world's largest and busiest airport. It' a calm spring afternoon. Today, something unusual is about to happen.

Old lady: What's taking my girl so long to come out?
Airport staff: Is your pet a dog?
Old lady: A dog? You must be joking! I hate dogs. They bark too much. My shirley is a beautiful snake, with very beautiful stripes indeed!
Airport staff: Oh, I see.
Old lady: That's it! That yellow pet cage over there! I wonder what's wrong...
Old lady: Oh, my! There's a dog in my cage!

Hello,friends. You have just met the hero of our story. The name of this little white dong is Charo.

Old lady: Heavens! Shirley! Shirley, my dear girl! Where are you?

The guards come after Charo.
Guards: Hey! Wait, you doggie!!!
Charo: あぶなかった。ここどこだろう。何がどうなってるの?
Charo is a Japanese dog. He came to the US on a vacation trip with his owner Shota and his father. But something went wrong. At that very moment they were on an airplane, heading back home. On the other hand, Charo has found himself alone in a big, big airport...

Lady dog: Hey, what's the matter? Are you in trouble?
Charo: yes... help...please.
Lady dog:Sure, but first, tell me. What's wrong?
Charo: I don't know... I was... in the airplane. But suddenly I'm here. What happened?
Lady dog:Where were you supposed to go?
Charo:To... to Japan. With Shota. He loves me.
Lady dog: Sounds like there was a big mix-up. Hey, you're completely lost.
Lady dog: This is NY, little doggie. And doggies aren't allowed on airplane just by themselves. Poor thing. you'll never get back to Japan.
Charo:Never? What...What sould I do?
Lady dog: I really don't know. There's nothing I can do for you.
Charo: Please don't say that.

(running footsteps)
The guards come back again, still looking for Charo.

Lady dog:Hey, it's dangerous here. You'd better run. There should be some kind of a car outside. Jump into one of them, and you'll be safe. At least, safter than this place.
Charo:Okay. Thank you! Arf!
Charo finds a small pickup truck that's just about to leave.
After a while, Charo sees the Manhattan skyscrapers approaching.

And this is the begining of Charo's wonderful adventures.