New Year's Day

I'm happy,because today is last day of work. My family always watches movies in the theater on a New Year's day. The price of movies prices down on New Year's day. The movies that I want to watch are 'SAYURI','Mr &Mrs Smith'. But mom said to me that she don't want to watch those. After watching movies,we'll have a lunch at the restaurant and go to the shrine to make wishes for coming years on a New Year's day. The shrine where I go to is Meiji-jingu. It is a famous shrine for Japanese. It is near Harajyuku-station. And there are a park & cafes & food stands in the shrine. A lot of people go to there on a New Year's day. In next Year I'll start working on January 4. And I'll travel to Penang Island on Januay 7 and go back to Japan on January 11. I must prepare for traveling and buy a guidebook.


'dining accueillir'

I went to Omotesandou after work,because I had been invited to year-end party. Before I arrived at the restaurant,I was lost. So I heard the way to the restaurant from the person and I could find the restaurant. The restaurant was recently opened. The name of restaurant is 'dining accueillir'. The man that had got win on TV program produced the restaurant. When I was arrived at the restaurant,there were 3 friends. We began to drink and eat food. We ordered spring rolls & pizza & salada. And I drank a lot of beer. We enjoyed a year-end party until 11 p.m. Then we went to the station and went back home. We could see beautiful lights near the building of restaurant. I had a good time!!



I'll go to Omotesandou after work,because I have been invited to year-end party. I'll meet people who had worked together in the previous office. Recently I feel strong stress in my office. If I were use one word,the cause of stress is my office. I can't respect nobody working together in my office. I don't agree with each other. I can't upgrade my skill,because I can't develop the web system by myself. I think my office is very old style of thinking and development style. I want to be equipped with the lates computer technology. Especially,My boss is worst. He don't know anything about web-system & PHP that is programming language. I can't believe. When I leave my office,I always can't feel satisfaction of my work. I think it is bad for me.


My job

I'm working in my office now. I don't want to work,because I think my job is boring. I usually had developed systems of web by myself before. But I don't develop them now. And the program is developed by another company and I do testing and find bugs and I report bugs and release them. I can't feel exciting in my office and I have nobody that I respect. When I wake up in the morning, I don't want to go to my office every day. But when I don't go to office,I can't live by myself. I'm going to my office just only to have money.


Egyptian Restaurant 'luxor bar'

I went to the Egyptian restaurant 'Luxor Bar'with my friend for the first time on last Friday. The word of 'Luxor' means the city in Egypt. I ate a fish that is called 'Lates niloticus' or 'NileParch'. ナイルパーチソテーにすると最高!白身の旨さが実感できます。 I heard that It is a very big fish. I felt the taste of it looked like meat. It was delicious ,but we couldn't eat enough. We enjoyed drinking and talking there until midnight. After if,we went to another japanese-style pub. Then we drank until the morning. And we went home by the train.


Camera and Shoes

Yesterday,I received my digital camera repaired from home delivery service at night. As soon as I got it,I took a picture. The camera perfectly was repaired.I'm satistifed with it. Because I am going to meet the friends this weekend and take pictures at that. Then I received a package from home delivery service. They were a pair of shoes I had ordered in the online shop 3 days ago. They were made by adidas. I had wanted those before. And I got those. I'm very glad!


The customer center

I went to the customer center to repair my camera yesterday. When I arrived at there,there were a lot of people waiting for their turns. I waited for my turn for a while, and I told a man that the push buttons of zoom had come off. Then he looked my camera and told me that we would repair your camera until tomorrow and you could get your camera by home delivery service for free. And He said to me that it would cost about 9,000 yen. Then I accepted his advice. At first I was afraid that I would get my camera next year, But it was different. I can take pictures when I'll meet friends this weekend and travel for Penang next year. I am lucky!


Bad Education

I watched the movie 'Bad Education' on last weekend. バッド・エデュケーション I especially like the movies directed by Pedro Almodovar The story of 'Bad Education' is about two men who were same classmate in childhood. One day Ignacio visited Enrique of a movie director. Ignacio was a actor and he asked Enrique to make the movie based on his written story. Then Enrique read the story and decided to make the movie. But Ignacio had a secret. He isn't Ignacio and is a brother of Ignacio. And the movie is go on... After movie,I think 'Bad Eduction' is a very exciting movie. I like it than 'All About My Mother'. ALL ABOUT ALMODOVAR BOX ≪限定生産≫ It is excellent. I like Pedro Almodova than before. The officail site of Pedro Almodovar is here.


'W-ZERO3' PDA&cellphone

I want 'W-ZERO3' that is a PDA and cellphone by sharp. [WILLCOM]ご新規契約W-ZERO3(miniSDカード付き・128MB)ご予約 The reservation started at 3 o'clock today. But the site was down due to a lot of access. I heard that My friend reserved it. I will get it on next month,because I have no money. I'm looking forward to get it. I like PDAs and have a PDA. I think that PDAs are very convenient devices. The PDA can access the internet and have address book,memo pad, and schedule software. For example,we can send emails and see the websites and it isn't necessary to have any heavy dictionaries and books. We can take pictures by W-Zero. And we can listen to music on it!! My PDA is 'Visor Prism' of Palm. I had 'workpad' of IBM. At the first,I wanted a PDA of 'Newton'. But I couldn't buy it,because it wasn't old type of PDA. I think the design of 'Newton' is very cool. So I bought a PDA of 'WorkPad'. I had it everyday and playing games on it and read emails.

THe customer shop

I got up at 8 o'clock this morning, because I put off the alarm of clock at 7 o'clock. I hurried up to wash my tooth and put on clothes. I went out my house at 8 o'clock and run to the station. I managed to arrived at my office at 8:50. So I wasn't late for work. I think that I will get up at 8 o'clock everyday. Today I did the test of web API and released the program. I will go to the customer shop of my digital camera to be repaired on this weekend. And I'll read books and watch the movies.

orenchi - Japanese-style pub

I went to 'orenchi' of Japanese-style pub after work. The food are very delicious. And there are good sake and beer in 'Orenchi'. But I can't eat any meat,I ate only some vegetables. I enjoyed drinking and talking with my friend. The one of them was same team of previous company. I respect her,because she is very smart and interesting. Surprisingly the owner of 'orenchi' have a cat. I hold a cat drinking,because I like cats very much. The cat wasn't be afraid of strangers. The owner said to me that it is ok that you bring a cat at your house. I wanted doing but I didn't. After drinking,I went to the station. But the train didn't work and I took a taxi to my house. When I arrived at my house, I didn't wash my face and take a bath. Because I felt a sleep.

Mr.Willy Wonka - 'Charlies and Chocolate Factory'

I'm reading English books to study English. Now I'm reading a book that is 'Charlies and Chocolate Factory'. It was written by Roald Dahl. He is a famous writer. 'Charlies and Cholate Factory' was made info a film that Johnny Depp had performed as Mr.Willy Wonka this year. I wanted to see the movie,but I couldn't. I can't wait for releasing a DVD of it. I had read a book of 'The BFG' before. It was very interesting too. I found his official site on the net. There is content of greeting card. It's very fantastic!! I'll send a message to my friends. His books are very interesting.


The Roald Dahl Museum

I'm reading English books to study English. Now I'm reading a book that is 'Charlies and Chocolate Factory'. CHARLIE AND The CHOCOLATE FACTORY:Movie It was written by Roald Dahl. He is a famous writer. 'Charlies and Cholate Factory' was made info a film that Johnny Depp had performed as Mr.Willy Wonka this year. I wanted to see the movie,but I couldn't. I can't wait for releasing a DVD of it. I had read a book of 'The BFG' before. It was very interesting too. I found his official site on the net. And I didn't know there is museum of him in England. The URL of Roald Dahl Museum is here. I think His books are very interesting and he was a kindness man. Because people written by him are very good persons. The URL of officail is here. There is greeting card in his official site. The URL of greeting card is here. The URL of movie 'Charlies and Chocolate Factory' is here.

Grand Plaza Park Royal Penang

I'll stay in Grand Plaza Park Royal Penang going to Penang Island in next year. It is famous for the spa and breakfast! I'm very glad to be good hotel! The hotel is very beautiful and good location. I like watching the view sitting the char in balcony and drinking beer. There are a beautiful rooms,lounge and pools in the hotel and balcony in rooms. The hotel is ranked as 4 stars. Because this hotel was reopned last year, it is very beautiful and comfortable. The hotel is near to the ferringhi beach. We can do parasailing and aboard a personal watercraft at the beah. And there are shops and food stalls in around the hotel. The street is very famous to travelers. The street food of Penang Island is very delicious and cheap.


The frequent flier program

I have mileage point of frequent filier program UnitedAirline provides. But the expiration date of it is October 30th 2006. When I earn miles by traveling with airplane or buying something in online-shops, or eating participating restaurant. expiration date of that will be extended for 3 years. And I bought a book. The book is a English book that is novel for childern. I'll get 3 points added to my frequent filer account after 3 months, and expiration date will be extended.


My digital camera broken

my digital camera was broken! I'm very sad! I planned on taking pictures when I'll go to Penang Island in next year.

High-price of crude oil

I paid fee of travel to tour agent company. The price was higher because of crude oil. I felt the price of everything is up.