Japanese eel "Unagi"

Hot humid weather continues for the seventh consecutive day...

On weekend, I went to Chofu city and met my friend.
To go to the park of Chofu and a museum.

There are many trees in the park.
So the nature was fresh and it was so cool.
After we left the park, we went to the cafe to take a rest.

Japanese who suffering from the summer heat increase in the summer.
So some of people can't eat foods because of summer heat.

It is said eating some foods helps to beat the summer heat.

Tomorrow is called "Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi".
It means eating broiled eels in the summer.
Eel is one of foods helps to beat the summer hear.

Eels are caught in Kagoshima and Aichi, Miyazaki pref.

It is too difficult to clean eels for us.
So broiled eels are sold in the supermarket when it is Doyou-no-ushi-no-hi.

About 5 years ago, my family went to Eel's Japanese restaurant of Aichi pref. The name is "Hourai ken".
It is so famous in Japan and many famous people visit it to eat eels.
When we went to there, we had to wait for eating eels for 1 hours.

And the way of eating eels "Hitsu-mabushi" was so different.

At first, we ate broiled eel and rice as usual.
Second, we ate boiled eel and rice with green onion and wasabi.

We ate boiled eel with wasabi for the fist time.

Finally we poured the green tea in eel and rice.
Then we ate them with wasabi and seeweed "Nori".

They were so delicious and we were satisfied with Hitsu-mabushi.

If you find Japanese eel's restaurant, please try it.

Of course , you can eat broiled eels like Hitsu-mabushi at home after buying them.

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